Gem State Gaming Convention 2023

"Play to Win" events are sponsored by publishers who donate games for you to learn, play and have a chance to win! Everyone who plays a "Play to Win" game is entered into a drawing. The winner of the drawing wins that game. The "Play to Win" games are available during Game Library hours.

View our Play to Win game library here.

"Play to Win" Drawings to be held on Sunday at 1pm, the weekend of our event.

"Play to Win" Rules:

Play a "Play to Win" game Each Player, after playing a "Play to Win" game, fills out a "Play to Win" entry form Return the completed "Play to Win" entry form to the Game Library. "Play to Win" Drawings Rules:

"Play to Win" entries will be randomly drawn. Each "Play to Win" will have one winner drawn for each copy of the "Play to Win" prize that is available for giveaway. Players need not be present to win, but the prize must be picked up by 6pm Sunday, the weekend of our event. If a player, who wins a "Play to Win" drawing, is not able to claim their "Play to Win" prize, His or Her entry will be mixed back in with the other entries and another entry will be drawn. Each player is limited to 1 "Play to Win" prize.

View the Play to Win library here.