FlatCon 2022

How it Works

Any FlatCon attendee can check out a Play-to-Win Game for their group. You check the game out, play the game, and then return the game. Each checkout allows one group to get one entry each to win the game at the end of the convention.

How to Enter

This is subject to change, but the current plan is to have all players provide their name and a rating for the game when it is checked out.

How many times can I enter?

You can play as many games as you like, but you only get one entry per checkout. The Play-to-Win system will not allow multiple entries per checkout. If you play multiple times, you still only get one entry per checkout. The goal is to let as many people as possible play the games.

What about a short games where you can play a dozen times on one checkout?

We assume that all groups will play a similar number of times for short games, and everyone will get one entry per checkout. In cases like this, please keep the game for a reasonable amount of time and then check in, and all players who played will get one entry each.

Can I immediately check a game back out?

No, the game must go back into circulation to let everyone have an opportunity to play games. We want as many groups as possible to get chances to play the most popular games.

Can my group check out a stack of games and then play them all back to back and check them in at once?

Please do not do this. This is game hoarding, and we want all games in play as much as possible. We may not allow entries for groups that check out games for significantly longer than it should take to play a learning game. If you plan to hold onto a game for a long time, please utilize our Library, and not Play-to-Win.

Can I play my personal copy of a game and get an entry into Play-to-Win? What about the FlatCon Library copy?

We will not allow personal copies to generate Play-to-Win entries.

How many games can a person win in Play-to-Win?

Each badged individual can win one game from Play-to-Win.

What if my name is drawn for multiple games?

We will be using a computer to determine winners. Games will be picked randomly and a winner chosen. Once chosen, an individual winner will be ineligible for further prizes.

When are Play-to-Win games given away?

Play-to-Win games are given away on Sunday, as soon as the logistics of repacking and choosing the winners for the games is complete. We will announce winners on Sunday by 2:30 at the latest.

What if I can’t be there on Sunday?

You can give your badge to a friend, and they can pick up your game for you. You don’t have to be present to pick up the game, but your badge does.

Some of the Play-to-Win games this year are: