FBC Game Con 2024
Exhibitor Terms

FBC Game Con 2024 is a free event and run by a club of volunteers who make up the FBC Game Con leadership team. The event does not charge admission to attendees, nor does it charge exhibitors to use exhibit space. Exhibitor spaces are limited, and completing an application for an exhibitor space does not guarantee acceptance. Granting exhibition space is based solely on the discretion of the FBC Game Con 2024 leadership team, and no favors or exchanges of any value are given or accepted in order to grant exhibition space. Exhibitors will be notified via the Tabletop.events website if their application to exhibit is accepted.

Exhibitor agrees to:

Neither FBC Gamers, as a club, nor FBC, the church as the venue, shall be held liable for any damages, loss, or theft to any merchandise, booth displays, equipment, or other property of the exhibitor during the dates of the event, including the set up days prior to the event.