FallCon 36

Mega Terraforming Mars

A 6 Player game of Terraforming Mars. All expansions and Promos included. Played across both the Base game Board and the Elysium Board (the other side of Mars) using the TM:Big Box. Should take 4-5 hours to complete. Recommended for TM enthusiasts who just can't get enough. Not intended for first time players.

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Mega Terraforming Mars for 6 Players (tokens for 6th player included) Includes all official expansions and promo cards. Standard game rules with following exceptions:

Cards: Basic Corporations are removed from the game. Deal each player a number of Corporations equal to the number of players (6), Draft to the left. Deal each player a number of Preludes equal to the number of players (6), Draft to the right. Deal each player their 10 project cards. Players then keep 1 Corporation and 3 Prelude Cards. After all players have selected their Corporations and Prelude cards, take all the discarded and unused cards and shuffle them into their respective decks to be made available if a card requires access to either of those decks during initial play. (eg: Prelude card Merger) Then continue play as normal. Play Corporation Cards in player order, discard/pay for project cards, play Prelude cards one at a time in player order.

Maps: Play with the Base and Elysium boards side by side, they are considered to wrap around the entire planet. As such: Arsia Mons on both boards are treated as the same hex. The rightmost 2 Plant hex on the Base board and the leftmost 2 Plant hex on the Elysium board are treated as the same hex. When placing a tile in one of these two hexes, place a matching tile on the other board to represent it. For all game rules only count the duplicated hexes/tiles once, not twice. The connected hexes above and below the duplicated hexes are considered adjacent. (IE: Pavonis Mons and Ulysses Patera are considered adjacent) All 11 Colonies are put into play.

All Milestones and Awards are in play, including Venus Next ones. There are 6 Milestone claim spots. When claiming a milestone you may claim any unclaimed milestone from either board. There are 6 Awards. When funding an award you may fund any unfunded award from either board. Cover the Terraforming Milestone on the Base Board with the Turmoil adjusted marker.

Global Parameters are doubled. There are 18 Ocean tiles, they may be placed on either map on the appropriate hexes. Place Oxygen and Temperature markers on both boards. Put two markers on the Venus Track. When advancing, if both markers are at the same level, either may be advanced. If one is behind, it must be advanced. Only claim a reward the first time a level is reached. (EG: the first time a token is advanced to -24 temperature that player gains a heat production, but not the second token)

Solar Phase Follow the Solar Phase as found in the Turmoil rule book, but skip 2 (World Government Terraforming).