Empire of the Cyclops Con

The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust

"Tis no crime to steal from a thief." -Unknown Punjaran Bravo

Do you have what it takes to cross Ogo the Jeweler?

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“A band of torchbearers passes the shop of Ogo the Jeweler, where Cheap Street intersects Dowager Alley. Their brands sputter and spit in the darkness as the cold rain courses off the tile roof, pouring down into the street and draining into a nearby sewer. You flex your fingers to ward off the chill, silently thankful for a night without moon or stars. The fences of Punjar are infamous for their cunning and greed, and Boss Ogo is no exception. Operating under the guise of a jeweler, Ogo does a brisk trade in stolen goods, enjoying the protection of a gang of bravos and thugs. But even the wary eye of a gang boss is no promise of surety in Punjar’s deadly environs. For the last month, no one has seen or heard from Ogo. The jeweler’s door is barred, his shutters locked, and no smoke escapes from the shop’s chimney. Like ravens circling a stinking carcass, the bravos and pinch thieves of the Souk smell a fortune for the taking. All that is required is a band of rogues audacious enough to cross Boss Ogo, skilled enough to survive his house of traps, and lucky enough to make it out alive.”