Empire of the Cyclops Con

A Saltwater Cowboy Surprise

Pacific Crawl Classics. In this 0 level funnel a squad of Marines are dropped off on a islet with an airstrip, awaiting the possible arrival of a renegade engineer in the employ of Imperial Japan. Charged with defeating or capturing him, more than a bomber of crack bodyguards await the grunts.

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PACIFIC CRAWL CLASSICS presents: "A Saltwater Cowboy Surprise" a 0 level funnel

Given a straggering number of parallel worlds, there will exist a multitude that are alike to our own. Looking back to the time and place of our Second World War we may imagine that there have been grand conflicts that are near twins to ours. These alternate World Wars could be close cousins to our history, but with participants and events that we could only catagorize as incredible fantasies, with effects and outcomes radically divergent than what transpired for us. Pacific Crawl Classics concerns these other parallel conflicts - between nations great and small, battling for supremacy and survival, in and around the greatest ocean, known as the Pacific.

"Marines, our best intelligence leads us to believe that a dissident engineer of the Imperial Japan is scouting for an ideal site for his base of operations. His name, or one of the names for which he is known, is Dr, Zi. Based on the aircraft he last boarded, we have a good idea where he will need to land to refuel - on one of the isles or atolls shown here on this map. Our manpower is stretched paper thin, we can only send a single Amtrak of marines to each possible airstrip. Your mission is to eliminate any enemy forces, and secure the airstrip prior to a possible landing by Dr. Zi. You will then intercept him, should he land at your location, and either capture him, or destroy him. Understand that this man is a genius and ruthless, he will travel with an elite guard, but he also should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Good luck!"