Empire of the Cyclops Con

The Blackest Friday

Level 5 DCC Umerica adventure. This is a playtest for experienced players. Have you ever wanted to help Santa save Black Friday in the apocolypse? In this adventure you have the oppotunity.

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In The Blackest Friday, F. Feo Zwartz has a multi-million dollar toy order stolen. F. Feo Zwartz arrives in Whole Sale to find that what was to be the most popular toy revealed at his toy store on Black Friday is missing. He advertises over the huge TV screens in Square Times, his need for investigators to find out where his multi-million dollar shipment has gone. F. Feo Zwartz offers a wad of cash to you if you are able to find what happened to his Black Friday shipment. He tells you that you have only 48 hrs as Santa is to arrive on his sleigh at the toy store to unveal the best toy ever to be sold at F. Feo Zwartz's toy store.