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Where Heroes Lie - A Puzzles & Predicaments Adventure

When an unusual theft is thwarted, the party finds themselves involved in solving the puzzles within an ancient crypt and revealing the secret the lies within. A level 7 adventure from Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities Volume 2.

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Ankheg Room in Inn of the Slumbering Drake
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Sometimes the heroes do achieve their goals, but nothing lasts forever. Mortality is a sad truth of life, but some legends do persist through time. Songs, stories, poems, and folk tales all serve the purpose of keeping the history alive and remembering the brave deeds of those who came before.

In this adventure, a foiled theft carried out by unusual suspects leads to a treasure hunt that delves into the history of heroes from the past. A crypt filled with puzzles and traps reveal verses to a poem that recounts their deeds. That poem holds the key to unlocking the tombs and claiming a prize meant to be passed on to the next group of worthy heroes.

Level 7 pre-made characters will be provided. (Players can bring their own level 7 characters with DM approval.)