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This convention is COMPLETELY ONLINE! (Venue is simply entered for time zone information - US Eastern Daylight Time or UTC-4) Find the Dungeon Con Online schedule for gaming here!


Co-Sponsored by: Goodman Games, Dungeon Masters Guild and Kobold Press

Dungeon Con Online is a celebration of all things 5E D&D!

Join us on May 28-31 for a weekend of games, seminars, streaming, and more! There will be D&D games for new players and experienced players. We will have gaming on Saturday and Sunday, and Friday and Monday will have seminars and Twitch programming!

The convention is not centered around the Goodman Games 5E publications - all publishers are welcome! There will be a dealers hall and artist alley, as well. This convention is open to all game systems, but the focus will be D&D.

Announcing Kobold Press as Co-Sponsor of Dungeon Con Online

We’re very excited to announce that Kobold Press joins Goodman Games and Dungeon Masters Guild as co-sponsors of Dungeon Con Online! Read more about this here!

The Dungeon Con Online Adventure Design Contest

We are excited to announce the first annual Dungeon Con Online Adventure Design Contest! We are looking for D&D 5E DMs who want to create a short dungeon crawl and run playtests at the con. We’ll select our favorite and the winner will receive a $100 award, admission to future cons, and consideration for future publication!

Visit here for more info!

Dealer Artist Registration is now open!

If you would like to have a table in our Dealer's Hall or Artist's Alley, please fill out the registration information here.

Event Submission is now open!

Go to our Submission link to enter your events!

Twitch Show and Seminar Submission now open!

You can also submit Twitch shows and Seminars at our Google Form located here - https://forms.gle/xNM9yCc5M4eN71kR8

New Badge Setup for Dungeon Con Online!

Our new badge system consists of several levels - and all levels of badge grant access to ALL events and seminars, and our Dealer Hall and Artist Alley! The badges serve to differentiate the credentials of the judges so you can find events easily.

  • Bronze - purchasable by everyone and primarily a player badge
  • Silver - for judges running any events 
  • Gold - for well-known, established judges (roughly correlates to Road Reavers from our prior cons, and also includes most self-published judge-creators)
  • Electrum - for our professional judges and sponsor employees
  • Above that - who knows? perhaps some immortals will make an appearance!

That’s right - no per-event fees for this convention! Just buy your badge for $20, and then pick your events!

We are seeking Judges to run events - this includes RPGs, Twitch shows and seminars!

If you submit at least 2 events, we'll give you a badge to the convention for $10 off, 3 events will get you $15 off, and 4 or more events will get your badge free. And if you run any events, you get to sign up for events early on April 25.

Event Submission Key Facts

For this convention, we have a freeform schedule. All times are available except for noon - 1 pm ET and 6 - 7 pm ET each day, which we have reserved for visiting our Dealers Hall and Artists Alley in the citadel, so this should allow for more flexibility in scheduling. Find the Dungeon Con Online schedule for gaming here!

We will also have some rooms available in our Citadel for hosting your events, so if you would like to use our location for hosting, let us know when you submit the event.

Event Submission Directions:

Please read and follow the Dungeon Con Online Code of Conduct.

Please submit all RPG events as Silver RPGs. They'll be changed to Gold or Electrum later if needed after approval. We will have gaming events on Saturday and Sunday during this convention. Twitch events and seminars will also take place on Friday and Monday.

Please fill out all of the fields and give descriptions (there is space for an optional long description - please use that!) when submitting events you wish to run. We especially need to know your game system, and if they fit one of our special interest tracks!

We ask for an email and an alternate contact method (such as Discord name to use on our SoCC channels) for judges, so players may contact you. For privacy, you may wish to create a different email / other contact method than your personal one to use for contacting your players - just make sure it is one you will check often, as players frequently join events at the last minute and will need to know where to log on for your event.

Please make sure you are contacting your players early and often to confirm the details of your events!

Perks of Running Events

And once again, if you submit at least 2 events, we'll give you a badge to the convention for $10 off, 3 events will get you $15 off, and 4 or more events will get your badge free. And if you run any events, you get to sign up for events early on April 25.

For More Information:

If you have any additional questions, let us know at dungeoncononline@goodman-games.com!

Here is the timeline of upcoming key dates:

  • Event schedule posted: 4/23
  • Badge sales open: 4/24
  • Event pre-reg for volunteers and judges: 4/25
  • Dealer and artist registration closes: 4/29
  • Event registration opens: 5/01
  • Last day for event submissions/judge cancellations: 5/25
  • Last day for badge refunds: 5/27
  • Convention starts: 5/29