Dice Tower East 2022


Dice Tower East (DTE) is a family-friendly event, and we gladly welcome children between the ages of 7 and 17 to join us for fun and games!! DTE wants to maintain and promote this family atmosphere; however, we also want to minimize distractions and disturbances to everyone. We request that all parents and guardians of children abide by the following set of guidelines:

  1. Children must wear their badges at all times while attending DTE.
  2. Children's tickets must be part of an adult ticket purchase.
  3. Children under 7 are not allowed in the gaming area.
  4. At no time will DTE take responsibility for your children and there will be no babysitting or child-care services provided. Parents and guardians must be with their children who are age 12 and younger at all times while at the convention.
  5. We are not hosting an organized children’s room at DTE, but we are setting aside Curaçao 5-8 for children and family gaming from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm each day of the con. This area will have tables set up for parents and guardians to play games with their children. Volunteers will be monitoring the room, but they are not responsible for the care and supervision of your children.
  6. We feel comfortable allowing children age 13 and up to roam around the convention areas independently, as long as you are comfortable with it as well. We trust that you as their parents and guardians are the best qualified to make that decision.
  7. Children must be 13 years or older to check out a game from the Dice Tower library.
  8. If your child is crying, screaming, or not enjoying themselves, please escort your child from the gaming room until he/she calms down. We are happy to have children in attendance, but we ask parents and guardians to follow this rule so as to not disturb or distract other gamers.
  9. Children may not use the game rooms or other areas of the convention center as a playground. The hotel has areas where children can expend their energy (pool, arcade, walking path, etc.). Please utilize these facilities so the children can burn off their energy.
  10. The curfew for children age 12 and under is 10:00 PM, and they may not be in the game rooms after 10:00 PM. Children between the ages of 13 and 17 may stay past 10:00 PM, but we ask that parents and guardians please be mindful of their behavior. If you notice your older child starting to get tired or acting out, please remove them from the game area.