Hotel Reservation Information for DEXLITE 2023

This page contains VITAL INFORMATION for making a hotel reservation for DEXLITE 2023. Please read it carefully!

In order to run DEXLITE this year, we had to work with the Morristown Hyatt Regency on fairly short notice. While there are plenty of rooms available for Friday and Saturday nights, there are relatively few available for Thursday night.

We want to make sure that everyone knows that there are NO EVENTS on Thursday night - it is an open gaming night and begins at 6:00PM EST. Actual events start 9:00AM EST on Friday morning.

While we know that many of you would like to get into the hotel on Thursday night, it might not be possible.

When you go to the reservation link, if you want to reserve a room for three nights (including Thursday), the system might tell you that there are no rooms available. If this happens, try reserving your room for JUST Friday and Saturday, and that will go through just fine. If you'd like to try to extend that to Thursday night, send email to us at We are working with the hotel to get more rooms freed up for Thursday night, but need to see what kind of volume we need first.

Rooms can be reserved at the Morristown Hyatt for $189.00/night by going to the following link:

Triple Occupancy and Quadruple Occupancy will cost $25/night per person per night extra IF you list more than 2 names on the room (hint, hint)!