DEXLITE 2023 Covid-19 Policies

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last five days, please stay home. If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, or believe have been exposed in the last five days, please do not attend the convention - instead, send email after the convention and once we confirm that your badge has not been picked up, we'll issue a refund.

COVID-19 and Your Health

If you test positive for Covid-19 during the convention, we ask that you and your hotel roommates notify us via email, and do not return to the convention. Please go home.

Covid-19 Vaccine Policy

In order to collect their pre-registered badge or to register for a badge onsite at DEXLITE 2023, attendees must show proof that they received an initial complete round of Covid-19 vaccinations that was completed by June 15, 2023.

An initial complete round of Covid-19 vaccinations means TWO sequential shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or ONE shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

We are not requiring proof of subsequent boosters, although we strongly encourage them.

Proof can be a state-issued physical vaccination card, or a photo of that card (front and back), or it can be a smartphone app tied into an official state database (such as Docket). This proof must match an attendee's valid state or federal photo ID. In the case of an underage attendee without a photo ID, a guardian's ID and confirmation that the vaccine card belongs to the underage attendee will suffice.

This proof will be verified at the Registration Desk onsite in order to receive a badge. We will NOT be issuing wristbands or any other indicators. If a badge is lost and must be replaced, we will require proof to be presented again.

If a pre-registered attendee can not produce this proof, they will not be able to pick up their badge and attend the convention. We will issue refunds after the convention as necessary.

Mask Policy

All DEXLITE 2023 attendees must wear a mask while they are present in any of the official function spaces of the convention. This includes all event rooms and connecting hallways that constitute the convention's presence at the Morristown Hyatt Regency. Signs will clearly delineate boundaries.

While in the public areas of the Morristown Hyatt Regency, DEXLITE 2023 attendees will be encouraged to wear masks, but it will not be mandated. This includes the hotel's restaurant areas, the bar area, the front lobby and the marble patio.

The mask MUST fully cover both the nose and mouth. While we recommend KN95 or N95 masks for maximum protection, a surgical or cloth mask that fully covers both the nose and mouth will be acceptable. If your mask does not appear to be sufficient, as judged by DEXLITE management, you may be asked to change to something more suitable.

Replacement KN95 masks will be available onsite.

Attendees are permitted to temporarily lower their mask in order to eat or drink in VERY short increments. However, if other attendees are visibly or verbally uncomfortable with someone's interpretation of "VERY short increments", that person may need to relocate to a more acceptable area of the hotel for a short period of time to finish whatever they are consuming.

The practice of being maskless while carrying around a cup or food, with the disingenuous intention of broadcasting that the person is actively eating or drinking, is not allowed. Put your mask back on.

Multiple failures to honor this policy will result in ejection from the convention WITHOUT A REFUND.