Coulee Con 2024

The DAWG Show

Coulee Con 2024 Miniature Painting Contest

Attention all mini painters! The Driftless Area War Gamers are proud to present the second annual DAWG Show at Coulee Con 2024! Here is the Judge's Rubric: DAWG Show Rubric v2.1


Saturday, August 17th

Registration and Model drop off: 10 am until 2 pm.
Cost of Entry: $5 for first submission; additional entries are $1 each.

Must have a 2024 Coulee Con badge in order to participate. All proceeds will be donated to the Coulee Region Humane Society.

Voting for People’s Choice award opens to all Coulee Con attendees at noon and closes at 5 pm in order to tabulate the votes. Awards will be announced at 6 pm. Each entry will receive a bronze, silver, or gold token based on their individual score. Best in Class award winners will receive a display plaque, and will be eligible to be chosen for the Best in Show award.


This year’s contest has three categories:

Additionally, Artists 15 years old and younger qualify for the Young Pup Award.

Each Category has two Classes, Small and Large. The definitions of a miniature’s size are as follows: - Small miniatures are defined as being no larger than 3.5 inches horizontally and vertically. - Any miniature larger than 3.5 inches either horizontally or vertically will be entered into the Large Class. Measurements of the miniature are being made on the primary body of the miniature; weapons, radio antennas, banners, etc. will not constitute the height of the miniature. Multiple miniature entries, such as a squad of soldiers, will be entered into the Large Class. The DAWG judges will have the final decision over any ambiguously sized miniatures.

Scoring and Awards:

Each entry will receive a bronze, silver, or gold token based on their individual painting score. Separate scales are used for models such as vehicles/ mechs/ busts that are traditionally presented without a base, as they will only have 20 available points instead of 25.

Best in Class

The highest ranked model in each category will receive a display plaque proclaiming their painting prowess. Judges will vote in the event of tied point rankings. Participants are only allowed one entry per category, but are encouraged to submit entries in multiple categories as a single painter is allowed to win more than one Best in Class award. Furthermore, the submissions that attain this rank will form the judge’s voting pool for the Best in Show award!

The Big Stuff

The top three award winners will receive monetary prizes as well, courtesy of our hosts at Coulee Con. Their descriptions are provided below. Please note that while a single artist may win multiple categories at the “Best in Class” level, they are only ever eligible to receive one of the monetary prizes in the interest of showcasing more of our talented local artists.


  1. Miniatures must be appropriate for display at Coulee Con. Coulee Con is a family event, Please contact DAWG with any questions; DAWG reserves the right to reject a miniature if it is deemed inappropriate for display at Coulee Con. Entries must adhere to guidelines in the Coulee Con Attendance Policies
  2. All entrants to the Painting Contest must have a Saturday or Weekend badge to Coulee Con.
  3. One submission per entrant per category and class will be accepted.
  4. By submitting any entry into this competition, you agree that Coulee Gamers, Inc. may, but is not required to, display your entry online or any other media in connection with this competition. You agree to grant Coulee Gamers, Inc. an irrevocable non-exclusive license to use, display, publish, transmit, copy, edit, alter, store, re-format, and sub-license any image submitted as an entry to this competition.
  5. DAWG and Coulee Con will gather the following information from each entrant to the competition:
    • First Name and First Initial of Surname
    • Phone Number
    • Home Town
    • Name of Miniature(s) and company/game of origin. Entrants can opt to have this information not be shared publicly. Phone numbers will not be shared publicly and will only be used to contact an Entrant if needed.
  6. Entrants must retrieve their entries by 9pm on Saturday, August 17th. Entries will be supervised during the process of the competition, from when they are entered, when they are photographed, displayed, and judged. Members of DAWG will work to ensure the safety of entries during the competition, ultimately DAWG and Coulee Con cannot be held liable for damaged or lost entries. If miniatures are not claimed by 9pm on Saturday, they will be moved to the Coulee Con registration desk and can be claimed from Coulee Con Staff. Miniatures not claimed by the end of Coulee Con (Sunday 5pm) will become the property of Coulee Gamers, Inc.

DAWG Contact Information: