Coulee Con 2018 will host a one-day protospiel on Saturday August 25th! A protospiel is an event where anyone can bring a game prototype (board, card, etc.) and play with other designers and play testers. Protospiels are intended to be a place to try things out, break your game, and fix it. More information about protospiels can be found here

This is our first time trying to include a protospiel as part of Coulee Con. If successful, we hope to make the protospiel a regular part of the convention.


The protospiel event itself will take place in the Zielke Suite. This is a separate room that is next to the main convention hall.


We will have a protospiel designer badge to help keep track of numbers of specific protospiel attendees. The price will be the same as a one-day badge for Saturday. A weekend badge to the convention is also fine. Protospiel attendees are free to participate in any other convention events and regular con attendees are able to participate in the protospiel.


Thank you to our Protospiel Sponsor The Game Crafter who has generously offered to provide a collection of blank components, game pieces, and promotional materials for game designers to take and use!