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Lair of Elaacrimalicros

The aarakocra of the Star Mounts have been waging war with the green dragon Elaacrimalicros for a few centuries. A 5e Forgotten Realms adventure for 4-6 players of 5th level.

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The aarakocra need your help!

High in the Star Mounts, a secret war is being waged between the native aarakocra and the ancient green dragon, Elaacrimalicros, who has hunted them for centuries.

Out of the ashes, the Nest of Retribution has risen to take on the ancient dragon and reclaim their ancestral home. But they require help.

The aarakocra need a team of adventurers to go into the lair and scout the situation, map it out, and find any traps. The reward is the hoard!

Can you handle the task?

A Forgotten Realms adventure for 4-6 players of 5th level, Lair of Elaacrimalicros is no cakewalk. It is DEADLY BY DESIGN, with one trap in particular being selected as a Deadly Dungeon Door by Dreadful Dungeons, and featured in their publication "Deadly Dungeon Doors" on DM Guild.

This adventure is available for purchase on, where it is a Copper Seller. It was designed originally for 3e with notes taken from Dragons of Faerun, Grand History of the Realms, and other official sources.

Pregens will be available, or you may submit a character in advance for preapproval. Games will be run on Discord voice through the J. Halk Games server, with occasional pictures to show the rooms for clarification. All die rolls are on the honor system.