Con of Champions


We have created a Discord server for attendees to be able to chat during their events.

Getting an Invite

You first need to be invited to our Discord server. Click here to accept the invite.

Connect via the Web Client

You can access the web client for our Con of Champions Discord server here.

Finding The Proper Channel

If you go to your event page it will show you the Room, Space, and provide links to the text and voice Discord channels.


You can click on the voice or text channels to be taken to the appropriate channel. Or if you use a Discord client, you can navigate via the room and space names.


Text channels are all lower case. Voice channels are all upper case.


Some web browsers don't play well with Discord's voice and video services. If you're finding that you can't hear everyone, or they can't hear you then we encourage you to download the native app for your operating system.

Oher Platforms

Event organizers can use any platform they choose to run their games. This Discord server is provided so everyone has at least some common platform to start from.