BSer Con 2022

Admission Badge?

A badge to BS'er Con 2022 is $5 US. It covers the entire weekend, we're not offing a discount for single days.

The fee will go towards boosting our Discord server so GM's and players have some needed bandwidth. Some cost will go towards the scheduling platform, Tabletop Events, and the rest will go towards our charity Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

What are the Con hours?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Start: 4am CT/10am UTC

End: 11:45pm CT/5:45am UTC

This is an online con. Some of the hours (e.g. 4am CT US) may not have moderators available. The time is early enough so that some of our friends oversees can sign up and run games at a reasonable, local, hour. And we don't need to close up a building, etc.

What are the Dealer Hall hours?

No dealer hall.

Want to buy some product? Head to

Can I still buy badges after the event has started?

Yes. You will be able to purchase a badge until the end of the con.

Will I have to pay for events in addition to a badge?

No. The badge is all you need.

When is the pre-registration period?

We don't plan on shutting down event registration.

It's easy to organize your own table, but we do ask that you submit a formal event so we can simply track that info for the future.

Can I get a refund on badges?

No. But we will issue you a credit for a returned badge that you may spend on a future badge. The only limitation on this is that a request for a credit must be received before January 1, 2022.

Will there be food carts again this year?

We would love that. Wait a damn minute. Did we copy/paste this from someone else's convention?

When can I buy things like lego Mini figs, Plushies, modules and Official Con shirts?

Well, we don't have plushies, mini figs, or something those huge behemoth conventions have. But if you'd like to get some merch head over to

How many Special Events can I register for?

All our events are special. Register for those that you can attend.

Questions About D&D Adventurer's League?

We welcome those that are willing to run DDAL scenarios, but it won't be an official program.

Are Covid-19 vaccines required to attend BS'er Con Online?

They are not, but we do encourage you to get vaccinated. Seriously, it will help everyone. We are begging you, please get vaccinated.

What are the Attendee/GM Policies for BS'er Con?

We have a zero tolerance policy of harassment in any form. If you feel you were the victim of harassment during a virtual game, please contact us immediately. Here is a link to our existing policies: Our Attendance Policies

Further, please understand, that once you leave our Discord server ( Join the Gaming-and-BS Discord Server! ) and go to a platform to participate in a game, we at BS'er Con will have no way to monitor or regulate that gaming session. So, there is a further participate at your own risk element intrinsic to these events so make sure that you consider the event descriptions carefully before selecting gaming events, especially for those games for minor players.

What Platforms Will BS'er Con Use?

That is completely up to the GM’s of each individual game. They will include Roll20, Zoom, and Discord. Some GM's may decide to run games outside of these platforms at their discretion, and this is fine. However, our policies clearly state that no GM should force their players to play on a platform that requires extra payment from the players. If your GM is doing this, please let us know!

Anything Else?

If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to drop us an email at