BSer Con 2022

BSer Con 2022


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BSer Con is an online tabletop role-playing game convention organized by the rpg podcast Gaming and BS for their community members known affectionately as BSers.

Everyone that shares our outlook on the hobby is welcome to participate in BSer Con. Our mantra is 'Be a positive force in the ttrpg hobby' if that helps. :-)

All con fees will be applied to Tabletop Events for supplying an easy way to manage a game con, Discord boosts, and our charity of choice - Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Games that BSers are running varies and more are being added each day. Seminars include How to Run a Hex Crawl and Basic Wilderness Map Drawing to name just a couple. We even have a virtual paint room! Paint a mini and chill with other BSers.


January 28 - 30, 2022


Online - Discord available, but up to GM to choose video/audio and VTT option


One fee - $5

  • Single day or multiple days, cost is same
  • Oct 20 - badge registration open

Register for badge here.


No additional cost, badge required

Click here to view available events

Event submission

  • Oct 10 - open
  • Jan 3 - close

Submit event here.

Event registation

  • Jan 10 - opens at noon CT, GMT -6

We hope you join us, meet some new friends and try some new games.

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Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #BSerCon !