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Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising charity event

In August 2016 a huge rainstorm brought massive flooding to the Duchy. Xcrawl athletes and fans wanted to help so Duke Edward Bell of Baton Rouge authorized a charity Xcrawl event to help fund relief efforts. Brave the bayou! Battle the band! Rage against bureaucracy! Fight the storm itself! And be part of that fundraising effort both in game and out. A 3rd level unofficial fundraiser for charity. (See below for details.)

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Xcrawl: Extreme Dungeon Crawl! In Xcrawl characters take the roles of superstar athletes taking their chances in a live on pay-per-view death sport.

Written by Brendan LaSalle and George "Loki" William, this special charity module from 2016 was in support of those affected by flooding in Louisiana and it's just as relevant today. Proceeds of sales of the module are still split between Second Harvest Food Bank, who are one of the mainstays, and Zeus’ Rescues, who are doing phenomenal work with animal rescue and displaced pets.

Xcrawl is about working together and helping out your teammates; a fundraiser is about helping others. I'd like to do this by raising funds during the game: you can buy Mojo for a pledge of $1/point. What's Mojo? It's just like Luck but can only be spent on your teammates. Want to help out a teammate with a +1 on their roll? Pledge $1. Want to help out with +5, +10, or ... +20?? Pledge $5, $10, or $20! Pledge as often as you like, any amount is welcome and there is no minimum.

* Pledges will be on the honor system and players should come expecting to pledge donations and to honor their pledges after the game by making donations directly to the charity of their choice. *

Links to Brendan and George's highlighted charities: Second Harvest Food Bank ~ Zeus' Rescues ~ Foundation for Louisiana ~ Animal Rescue New Orleans ~ Wind Dancer Ranch Equine Rescue

Of course you are welcome to support the charity of your choice as many are having a tough year.

3rd level characters will be provided, rules will be explained, no experience necessary. Game will be played by video using either Google Meet or Zoom and your own dice or diceroller (details to come later). Video may be recorded and/or streamed.

This is not an official event, just fan run in support of Brendan LaSalle and George "Loki" William, and those still affected by disaster in Louisiana. Hurricane season is just starting for another year and especially during COVID-19 these very overlooked first responders can still use support.

Join me and DJ Le Tigre in a race for your lives and money!