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Atlanta, GA, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2020-10-16 16:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

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This convention is COMPLETELY ONLINE! (Venue is simply entered for time zone information - US Eastern Daylight Saving Time or UTC-4)

Bride of Cyclops Con - October 16-18, 2020!

This con is about more than just DCC! It also covers D&D of all editions, as well as versions of DCC (MCC, XCC, DCC Lankhmar, etc.). So be ready to get your gaming on!

You may still submit events that you would like to run as a judge in Bride of Cyclops Con through Oct 14! See Judge FYI below.

Latest Announcements:

Ticket Sales open on Sunday, Sept 20

Everyone can purchase tickets to events, starting at noon ET (16:00 UTC)!

Early Access Ticket Sales open on Thursday, Sept 17

Judges, Road Reavers, Premiere Judges and Volunteers can all purchase tickets early, starting at noon (16:00 UTC) on Thursday, Sept 17. Badges have been assigned to everyone eligible so far!

Announcing the SF-Marin Food Bank as Charity Partner for Bride of Cyclops Con

We are pleased to announce that our charitable partner for Bride of Cyclops Con is the SF-Marin Food Bank. Goodman Games will donate $5 to the food bank for every game run at BoCC! We live in difficult times, and many people are hungry, so we would like to help a bit by giving back. Please know that as you game, others will benefit. And in your own neighborhood, please keep an eye out for those in need, and help them as much as you can!

Announcing Our Sword & Sorcery Fiction Writing Track for Bride of Cyclops Con

In collaboration with Tales From The Magician’s Skull editor Howard Andrew Jones, we are pleased to announce a fiction writing track at Bride of Cyclops Con! These panels will be broadcast on our Twitch channel over the weekend of October 16-18 as part of the overall Bride of Cyclops Con programming. More info here

Xcrawl Classics Beta Rules Coming In Time For Bride of Cyclops Con!

The beta-test rules for Xcrawl Classics will be out in time for Bride of Cyclops Con! Before the start of the con, you will be able to download the rules and be prepared to put your life on the line for the games! More info here

Announcing Road Reaver Games at Bride of Cyclops Con!

The Road Reavers are a new classification of Judge that will debut at Bride of Cyclops Con. More info here

Run Games For Our D&D 5E Track At Bride Of Cyclops Con

We’re putting together a track of 5E games for Bride of Cyclops Con, and we want you to be a part of it. We need gamemasters to run events for the con, and that means YOU! More info here

“Return to the Starless Sea” Tournament Coming to Bride of Cyclops Con!

We are happy to announce that the 2020 DCC RPG Team Tournament will be held online at Bride of Cyclops Con in October! More info here

Volunteers Needed for Bride of Cyclops Con!

We need help with hosting social events, helping players connect with their judges, facilitating tournaments, and many other things. More info here

Schedule of Important Dates:

What's Happened So Far

  • August 17: Event submission opened!
  • September 4: Tentative event schedule posted!
  • September 6: Badge sales opened!
  • September 17: BoCC Event Pre-Registration for Volunteers and Judges opened at noon ET (16:00 UTC)!
  • September 20: Event registration opened for everyone at noon ET (16:00 UTC)!

Upcoming Dates

  • October 14: Last day for ticket refunds! All tickets are final after this point.
  • October 16: Bride of Cyclops Con begins at noon Eastern (16:00 UTC)!!!

Important links:

You can visit the Goodman Games web site to learn more about our products.

Judge and Event submission FYI - When you submit events:

  • Please fill out all of the fields
  • Please give descriptions. There is space for an optional long description - please use that!
  • There is a field for special event tracks. We will call out these events in certain ways so please ensure you tell us if your events match one of these tracks: New DCC Players Welcome, D&D 5E, Sword & Sorcery Workshops, or Xcrawl Classics Beta Rules.
  • We ask for an email and an alternate contact method (such as Discord name to use on our BoCC channels)for judges, so players may contact you. For privacy, you may wish to create a different email or other contact method than your personal one to use for contacting your players. Just make sure it is one you will check often, as players frequently join events at the last minute and will need to know where to log on for your event.
  • Once event registration begins, please make sure you are contacting your players early and often to confirm your online gaming method and links.

Check back here for more updates and information as we get closer to the convention!