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Persecution Complex - Mister Mutant

In a futuristic dystopian society, citizens are conscripted randomly to hunt dissidents and traitors in a public execution ritual called Jury Duty. For fans of Paranoia and Judge Dredd.

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Welcome to Zeta Complex, the biggest, best and only complex to survive World War III. Zetaplex, as we like to call it, is the maze of subterranean bunkers that has sheltered humanity ever since the commies ruined the surface of the planet 200 years ago. Only radioactive ruins and vicious man-eating mutants remain in The Outside, but here underground Pure Strain Humans have recovered from the apocalypse and thrived. 

These days, Zetaplex is a high-tech wonderland of interconnected suburbs, shopping malls, military bases, and surface domes large enough to house skyscrapers and airports full of flying cars. It’s a thriving ant-hill of a megacity run by quantum A.I. where robots do all the work and autofacs can produce anything and everything you could possibly need. It’s near-utopia without disease, hunger, unemployment or traffic jams, where everybody is happy, free and above average. A society so advanced that even death has been cured. Yes, you are immortal! 

Loyal citizens of Zetaplex never die because your genome is on file, and with the latest 3D bio-printers a new copy of you can be produced in minutes. Your memories are then downloaded into your new clone, and as you are being redeployed back into the workplace you can watch video feeds of your previous clone’s demise. This process of “recloning” used to take days, even years, but with modern medical technology it only takes about 30 minutes. Recloning is costly and only afforded to citizens of proven Loyalty, not for mutants or commies!

Your Loyalty score, which is of public record, determines how many times you deserve to be reprinted and live again. Every time you die, your Loyalty is reduced by one, and if it ever reaches zero at any time then you are declared a Traitor and marked for Termination. This means your file is deleted from the database, and you can never be recloned again. You can increase your Loyalty in a variety of ways such as reporting mutants, voting for the winning candidate, and serving on juries. Committing crimes will lower your Loyalty. Misdemeanors such as vandalism, insubordination and murder will result in loss of Loyalty, but Felonies are punishable by Termination. The three felonies are: Mutation, Communism, and Computer Programming

If you are a mutant, please report to the nearest suicide booth immediately. Mutation is a commie plot to make clones less equal and Zetaplex less perfect. Mutants walk among us posing as Pure Strain Humans and using their psychic powers to sabotage industry and sow discord. Their true loyalty is to their monstrous brethren from the Dead Zone with whom they plot to throw open the doors of Zetaplex to The Outside so that the horrific mutated monsters can get in and eat us. All mutants are traitors to the human genome. Therefore, Mutation is a Felony punishable by Termination. 

If you are a commie, please report to the nearest suicide booth immediately. Communism is a mutant plot to sew discord and divert loyalty away from our dear complex. As you know, at the climax of WWIII the Commies sent secret agents in to create many terrorist cells, secret societies, subversive groups and criminal gangs. These groups are responsible for all crime and terrorism in Zetaplex. They conspire to let the mutants in and they employ Secret Programmers to insert errors in our genomes. Membership in any illegal group is Communism, and all commies are traitors to the complex. Therefore, Communism is a Felony punishable by Termination.

If you are a computer programmer, please report to the nearest suicide booth immediately. The quantum computer network of Zetaplex is so incredibly complicated that only artificial intelligence can program it. Allowing humans to program computers is like asking a monkey-bot to change the oil in your flying car—A bad idea. Computer Programmers are commie mutants who want to hack the system, sow discord, and sabotage our beloved complex. Only A.I. are qualified to program quantum computers, and anything else is vandalism. Considering that computers are needed to regulate our air supply, grow and deliver our food, manage our traffic, our electricity and our water. Computers manage our military, our police, our housing, our commerce, even the design of our very genomes. Tampering with these vital systems is treason against our complex. Therefore, Computer Programming is a Felony punishable by Termination.

With the exception of the occasional terrorist bombing, mutant invasion, or hacker attack, Zeta Complex is a utopia. The work week is 5 hours long with ample entertainment and shopping options, the cuisine is 100% recycled and locally sourced, and the over-crowding of yesteryear is a thing of the past because every day our brave Zetaplex military expands further into the Dead Zone, recovering real estate and technologies lost in the war, and bringing freedom and connectivity to the mutant-infested darkness. Three cheers for our brave Zetaplex military, be they kill-bots, sentient tanks, or weaponized satellites. Three cheers for Zetaplex!

Zetaplex is almost a utopia, having successfully abolished the follow social ills: Poverty Inequality Unemployment Homelessness Menial Labor Boredom Unhappiness Facial Hair Traffic Jams Piracy/Copyright Violation Candy/Tooth Decay Books Religion Politics/Politicians Lawyers Gangs Children Disease Pestilence Sex Death

Still pending: Mutation, Communism, Computer Programming