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Perils of the Sunken City (1st level DCC Kids Game)

Join me for a dungeon crawl adventure! Activate the sending stone, brave the swamp and the traps and whatever else lurks in the ruined colosseum to bring back a magic item for the rulers of Freeport. Pre gen characters will be entered into roll20 so that dice rolling with modifiers is a simple click of a button. We will focus on role-playing and story telling and having a great adventure! Younger players might need some adult support for a remote game, but please allow the kids to be the players

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No one knows what caused the global catastrophe. But now the world is a broken, dangerous place of wild storms and fractured islands. Good thing you live in the great city of Freeport.....or at used to. But Freeport depends on magic items and texts found in far flung ruins. And someone needs to go get those things. You have been selected. Maybe you were accused of a crime. Maybe you angered the wrong person. Maybe you were grabbed off the street and forced to go. Maybe you volunteered for the job to pay off a debt someone in your family owed.

Either way, your group has been sent through the ancient Sending Stone to some unknown location. Your task-- find something magic to bring back to Freeport. Our game starts after you have stepped through the Sending Stone and are standing in some strange swamp. You can just see the ruins of a large stone building through moss laden trees.

We will use roll20 for our maps and our dice rolls. We will use Zoom for voice and video. Younger players might need some adult support for a remote game, but please allow the kids to be the players :)