BGG@SEA 2023-Week 1

BGG@SEA 2023-Week 1


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Seattle, Washington

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(214) 399-6559



Quantum of the Seas

Port of Seattle, 2711 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Time zone: America/Los_Angeles (UTC {{ '2023-06-26 23:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Los_Angeles' }})

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Quantum of the Seas at the Port of Seattle

Join us on the beautiful Quantum of the Seas in Summer, 2023 as we sail to Alaska!


We have reserved dedicated gaming space just for our group and will bring a portion of the BGG Library to entertain us as we navigate the beautiful scenery and ports shown on the itinerary below.

If we've sold out of the cabin category you require, you can fill out this Google Form to be place on our waiting list:


NOTE: This convention page is for our first week of sailing Alaska. For the second week of our sailing see here: BGG@SEA 2023 - Week 2

You are welcome to choose whichever week fits best for you, or both if you're up for it! If you choose to sail with us both weeks, be sure to secure deposits for the same cabin on each sailing.

Day Date Port Location Arrival Departure
1: MON 06/26/2023 Seattle, Washington 4:00 PM
2: TUE 06/27/2023 Cruising
3: WED 06/28/2023 Sitka, Alaska 9:30 AM 5:00 PM
4: THU 06/29/2023 Skagway, Alaska 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
4: THU 06/29/2023 Icy Strait Point, Alaska 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
5: FRI 06/30/2023 Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier 5:00 AM 10:00 AM
5: FRI 06/30/2023 Juneau, Alaska 1:00 PM 9:00 PM
6: SAT 07/01/2023 Cruising
7: SUN 07/02/2023 Victoria, British Columbia 5:00 PM 10:00 PM
8: MON 07/03/2023 Seattle, Washington 7:00 AM



We've negotiated group pricing for a variety of cabin types. Prices below are 100% inclusive of all taxes, port fees and gratuities.

Stateroom Category Total Solo Total for 2 Total for 3 Total for 4 Total for 5
Interior (1U, 4U) $2,099 $2,449 $3,699 $4,549
Interior (2U)* $3,199 $3,549
Ocean View (1N, 2N) $2,399 $2,749 $3,949 $4,849
Balcony (1D, 3D, 4D) $2,899 $3,249 $4,649 $5,649
Balcony (1E)* $4,649 $4,999
Balcony (5D)* $4,949 $5,299
Junior Suite (J3, J4) $6,949 $7,249 $8,549 $9,649 $10,749
Grand Suite (GS) $10,099 $10,499 $11,599 $12,699
Owners Suite (OS) $13,299 $13,699 $14,799 $15,899

* Note that these cabin categories were added after our originally contracted inventory sold out. They have a higher deposit amount to reflect the increased price from the cruise line. Your total price is a combination of the deposit for the cabin you want, plus the remainder based on cabin category and occupancy. See "How to Join BGG@SEA" for more details.

Gaming Access Each
Adult (13+) Gameroom Badge $150
Child (4-12) Gameroom Badge $75

Payments for cabins will be through the Merch system on TTE. All payments are refundable (based on the schedule here). Full payment will be due no later than Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Price Comparison: Prices directly through Royal Caribbean generally don't include the following: (which are already built into our stateroom prices) - Taxes, Fees, Port Expenses: ~$250 per person - Pre-Paid Gratuities: $101.50 per person (or $122.50 for suites)

Booking directly with Royal Caribbean or your own travel agent - To be part of the BGG@SEA group, and have access to any or all of its benefits (including the ability to purchase gaming-room-access badges), you must book your cabin directly with us.

NEW Registration Procedures

As we have all learned within the last few years, change is inevitable and as you are noticing, we are changing some of the structure of how we do the administration of BGG@SEA. In the past we had you making purchases via a Shopify online store and Jeff managed everything behind the scenes in spreadsheets... many spreadsheets... keeping them all in sync... <shudder>

Now, using the TableTop.Events platform (TTE), we expect to have all of the information regarding the cruise in ONE place - easier for us, and easier for you - especially if you've attended any recent land-based BGG Events or other conventions that use this same awesome online system.

However, TTE is not built directly for cruises, so there will be some adjustments:

  • "Badges" are how we'll both capture your cruise registration information and limit access to our dedicated gaming space(s) on the ship based on badge-type. Everyone in the cabin needs a badge, and the more expensive game-room-access badges help to offset the costs association with shipping a portion of the BGG Library to and from the ship.
  • "Merch" is where you'll actually pay for your cabin in our group (via an initial "deposit" now, and then a "remainder" due a couple of months before we sail). Here you'll also be able to purchase cruise-based add-ons at discounted pricing for our group (internet packages, port transfers, group shore excursions, etc.)

You must follow the process below fully. Purchasing a cabin from our inventory is required to be part of our group. Booking outside the group, either directly with RCCL or your own travel agent, is not allowed.

So, here's the step by step process:

  1. Make sure at least one person in your cabin/group has a registered TTE account. (How to Create a TTE Account) - This is the individual that will log in regularly and make the purchases. Everything will be tied to that TTE account.
  2. Take a look at our inventory in the Merch section - see the "Deposit" items for each category/occupancy. Pick one, but you won't be able to actually purchase it until you already have a badge purchased or at least one in your current cart (Step 3). However, cabin number is a required field for badge purchase, so you at least need to have one in mind. If that cabin is no longer available when you get to checkout, that's ok - just get another cabin that is available and then go back and edit your badge afterward to show the correct cabin number.
  3. Purchase Badges (How to Buy a Badge) for everyone in your cabin - Go to Attend > Get Your Badge and follow the prompts to add badges to the cart. All information collected is required for purposes of either Royal Caribbean registration or for Event badge creation. The Booking number is an optional field that Events Staff will fill in later, so please leave it blank for now.
  4. Go to Attend > Merch to select your cabin. First, view the "Deposit" product for your desired cabin type and occupancy level. There will be a choice here for each cabin in our inventory. There is also a link in the product description to the Royal Caribbean deck plans to assist you with choosing your cabin (click "Read more" in the description). Once you have added the cabin deposit to your cart, you may complete the checkout process.
  5. You should receive an email receipt indicating payment has been made. And you should receive an email welcome for each badge purchased that has your email address listed on the badge.

At this point, you are registered and we will contact Royal Caribbean with your information and have the cabin you picked reserved for you. Once we get your booking confirmation number back from RCCL we will update it in the optional field in your badge information. We usually do this in "batches" so please allow a few weeks to a month or so to get a booking number to you.

Between the date of this initial purchase and April 15, 2023, you must make payment on the remainder of your cabin using the correct cabin type and occupancy. Any other items (travel protection, port transfers, internet packages) are optionally available but should also be purchased before April 15, 2023 if desired.

Policy Review

Part of the registration is acceptance of two (2) sets of Terms and Conditions. Please review these carefully with all individuals in your cabin.

NEWS Updates

In the coming months, we will send out News Updates to remind you of paying the "remainder" of the cabin payment, other Royal Caribbean Services that are available for purchase through BGG@SEA and refund deadlines, any events that we will hold, and the BGG Library Game Request list. We recommend verifying that TTE can send you emails (a setting in your TTE account) to ensure you get this important updates, and you can always review them here.


If you have any questions not answered through any of the links on this site, email us directly at