Once again, we are inviting Game Designers and Content Creators to join us for our Adirondacon, and while some of the them will have some games on the schedule, many will be inviting people to walk up at their leisure and demo or playtest their creations. We hope that those that attend will take a moment to drop by these tables, give these games a try and get to know the designers, many of which are from our local community.

First Stall Productions, LLC: Sponsor of Adirondacon. They will be demoing SUET (Society of Ultimate Evil and Terror) the Card Game that had a successful Kickstarter at the beginning of the year. POTUS Punch-Out which is a non-political game with a unique board flipping mechanic, and playtesting their newest game The Great Ferret Heist. First Stall Productions

Victory Condition Gaming: Once again content creator Doug Shute and Victory Condition Gaming will be joining us. They will be running a couple of RPGs Kids on Bikes and Tiny Dungeon 2E, as well as the board game The Grimm Forest.

Check them out on on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

BeCrofty: Will be demoing their games Coauthuration and Omen Peaks Home

Bryk House Games: Demoing Altar of War, a head-to-head fantasy kingdom warfare.

Hassan Lopez: Demoing Manical (formerly Infamous) a game he created and is being published by Eagle-Gryphon Games: Currently on Kickstarter.



Francis James Hogan: Demoing his Role-playing game for kids, Adventure MAXIMUS! Currently, there are three adventures listed on the schedule. adventuremaximus

Ben Jerred: Demoing his Role-playing game Allfield. Allfield is a simple tabletop RPG for all ages played with cards and a rotating game manager format. Based on the upcoming book series by Ben Jerred. Ben Jerred Visual Artist - Allfield Series of Books, Games and Visual Art

The Epic of Dreams RPG group will be demoing their game The Epic of Dreams. The Epic of Dreams is a role playing game that aims to bring back a feeling of the mystical to the modern gamer.

Peter McPherson: Will be demoing two of his games Saturday morning/afternoon:

Petal Pushers -- A game about running a flower shop and trying to beat the competition by selling bouquets and single stems.

Tiny Towns -- A simple town-building game that is currently in development with a publisher.