Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying (Demo 2)

SYSTEM: Homemade DURATION: This session is expected to be 2 hours long REQUIREMENTS: No reading, preparation or character creation is needed ahead of the session PLATFORM: Discord for audio and dice rolls + Miro Collaborative board for tabletop and gaming aids (all of which are free, but may require an account).

"Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying” is a short format storytelling GM-less game for 3 to 6 players, designed to be played in a few hours with polyhedral dice and no preparation.

It is comparable to fan-favourites games like Once Upon A Time and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

WHAT IS THE GAME ABOUT? This game is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to encumbrance rules and tropes commonly found in our beloved dungeon-crawling tabletop roleplaying games.

It does so through the lens of contemporary wellbeing influencers, thanks to the fictional character of Paris Gondo.

This multiplanar being left their physical form behind after they realised it did not "spark joy". Settled at the elusive Monastery of St Eyvān, they provide organising advice to adventurers from the whole multiverse.

WHAT DO THE CHARACTERS DO? The game starts as the Adventurers made their way to the very end of a Dungeon.

They just defeated their final foes and it is time to discover what wondrous items reward their efforts.

However, before embarking on their journey home, they must decide what to keep or throw away.

One does not simply walk home with more Encumbrance than they are allowed.

If Adventurers hold-on to possessions which "spark joy", they are likely to feel invigorated and satisfied for the rest of their lives…

…but letting go of less emotionally-charged, often more useful Belongings, might prove to be a deadly mistake on their Journey Home.

WHAT DO THE PLAYERS DO? After devising some details about the Dungeon and their Adventurers, the Players randomly roll the stats for several Looted Items.

In addition to having mechanical implications, these stats are prompts for the Players to come up with colourful descriptions.

Players tell each other of their discoveries before trading and selecting the items they will keep in their inventory.

Finally, Players find out through a series of rolls if their inventory was sufficient to survive their Journey Home as well as to achieve an invigorating and satisfying life.

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