AcadeCon 2019

D&D 5e: Temple of the Lizardfolk

In this D&D 5e adventure for 3-6 players, you will begin play as an adventurer resting comfortably in a tavern. But wait! The novelty doesn’t end there! Soon a mysterious person approaches and requests you find their lost [Insert MacGuffin], believed to be located in a nearby swamp. With haste, you and 2-5 other adventurers set out to delve into the lizardfolk-infested swamp. Will you recover the [Insert MacGuffin] or will you meet your end in…the Temple of the Lizardfolk?!

This short adventure has been built around the 5 Room Dungeon concept. Content consists of approximately 30% roleplay and 60% combat/exploration with at least one puzzle. Players of any skill level are welcome. Third level character sheets will be available, but if you prefer to make your own any character of third level that meets Adventurer’s League requirements is acceptable (no AL rewards will be given).

About the DM: Scott Heckler is the Dungeon Master of the Shocking Gasp podcast. He's been DM-ing for nearly two decades and cut his teeth on D&D 3e way back in 2001. He's since lost count of the number of adventure's he's run, but they range from serious rule-heavy campaigns to lighthearted comedy adventures. He favors a "Rule of Cool" play style with an emphasis on telling a good, enjoyable story.

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