AcadeCon 2019

AcadeCon 2019



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Dayton Ohio


Dayton Convention Center

22 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402, USA

Driving Directions

Web Site

(937) 333-4700

Use the access code CON or mention AcadeCon when you make reservations at the attached Crowne Plaza hotel for a discount in our room block.


Event Dates: 11/08 - 11/10

Location: The Dayton Convention Center

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Dayton

Event Registration: Mid October

VIP registration will open early October (October 5th at 3:00 PM EST)

General Registration opens a week later (October 12th at 3:00 PM EST)

Running Games: Submissions now open

Submission deadline is November 1st, 2019 NOTE: We are very heavy on games on Friday and Saturday but light on Sunday. New submissions may not be approved unless they are panels/liveshows or on Sunday. Please contact with any questions about a possible submission.

Events may be added after initial registration

To see a short video on how to submit events, click HERE:

Vendors: click HERE:

What is AcadeCon?

We at The RPG Academy podcast have had the extreme good fortune of building a community of wonderful gamers that listen to our podcast and want to play games with us. More than anything, we thrive on interacting with our listeners and fans. This is the true purpose of AcadeCon. In addition to playing games with friends, both old and new, AcadeCon offers almost unprecedented access to some amazing RPG designers, authors, and some of your favorite podcasting personalities. At AcadeCon, these people are there to have fun and play games, just like you. Join into one of their events and don’t be surprised if they join into one of yours!

If you’re still not convinced that AcadeCon is the place for you, please consider our motto: Gaming with friends, old and new!

If that sounds like something you’d like to support then this is the place for you. Please be aware - other than the limited number of VIP badges -we are not selling any actual badges through this project. We will be using another on-line service to sell the badges later in the year.

What's AcadeCon all about?

AcadeCon is specifically designed to be a smaller, non-traditional convention. We are not trying to (nor do we want to) compete with or replace the huge conventions that attract a national audience. At our convention, you're going to get access to some of the most amazing GMs and players from all over, a better chance to play in the games you want, the opportunity to spend time and game with special guests, and time to hang out with some of the best gamers in the world—the fans of our show!

Whether you are one of our listeners, are interested in meeting and playing with some of our special guests, or just found us by accident, we hope you'll consider donating to the cause.

AcadeCon 2019 is our 7th annual gaming convention. We've hosted six previous successful cons (the first two were invite-only due to space limitations). Our third year was our first foray into a public event, and our success led us to look for a larger and lasting home with the Dayton Convention center with this being our 4th year at this location.

Each year we've grown and our goal for 2018 is 500 people. With your help, we can get there and then some.

More reasons you should support our project now and grab and badge to join us later -

Special guests.

Each year we invite a wealth of RPG Podcasters, Game designers and fiction authors to come hang out with us. Some do panels, some hold live events, some run games and some may join into your game.

In addition to covering our deposits, this KS will help us set our budget for bringing in guests for this year and scheduling them early helps ensure they are able to join us. Confirmed guests for this year:

Amelia Antrim Emily Reinhart Rich Baker Tracy Gibbons Bianca Zelda Victoria Rogers Rob Schwab Katrina Ostrander DM's Block ( - Mitch, Neal, Ryan & John) Tracy Barnett A.P. Klosky Shane Vaiskauskas John Arcadian


Sponsored by Double Exposure, the Envoy program is unique and awesome! The Double Exposure team will provide us with about 25 brand-new games that you can try out during AcadeCon. Every time you play a demo, you are entered into a drawing to win that game! You can play the same game multiple times to get a better chance at winning something you really enjoy or play them all and see if Lady Luck is smiling on you.

Open Game Library: all badge holders are able to check out any of our game library games free of charge (with ID) during our regular event hours.

We're super excited to have ConTessa joining us for this year's event. ConTessa is a nonprofit organization that runs events of all types at conventions all over the United States. Our primary goal is to increase the number of marginalized people in all aspects of tabletop gaming through the power of positive representation. Our volunteers run and teach roleplaying games, miniature war games, board games, LARPs, and card games. In addition, we run board game socials using our own board game library, panels on topics that span the whole range of gaming experiences, and provide our volunteers with everything they need to succeed from snacks to dry-erase game mats. Together, we move the needle on making conventions more diverse.

Code of Conduct & Terms of Service.

AcadeCon is an inclusive gaming event open to gamers of all types. Every attendee will be subject to our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.