Almost all of the Protospiel events allow for various levels of sponsorship. However, each Protospiel is run by a different organizer, so you cannot purchase a run of network sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a Protospiel reach out to its organizer.

Event Contact
Protospiel Chicago Maxine Ekl
Protospiel Indy Carl Klutzke
Protospiel Madison JT Smith
Protospiel Milwaukee Eric Jome
Protospiel Minnesota Jeff King
Protospiel San Jose Jeremy Commandeur

Sponsorship Types

Each Protospiel will be a bit different, but in general here are the types of sponsorships you can expect:

  • Food / Beverage Sponsorships
  • Logo and Link on the web site
  • Mentions in newsletters and social media posts
  • Logo on badges or other displays at the event
Upcoming Events
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