Virtual Greyhawk Con 2020

Reflections from a Smoking Mirror

**RPG will Live Stream at:** ***First FIVE are the Players Signed Up for this Event; it has been opened for general Twitch Signup for Viewing*** Long has the nation of Onnwal been occupied by the hated Scarlet Brotherhood, the vast majority of its citizens either placed in irons to serve as thralls or put to the sword. Yet an underground resistance of Onnwalians exists based in the city of Scant, a group that is unwilling to cede their home without a fight and that has waged a shadow war with the sinister invaders that has lasted years on end. Recently, word has come from the leader of the Resistance that a group of potent warriors from the south that might help rid Onnwal of the Brotherhood once and for all has made contact with their organization, pledging their aid in return for their help with a mission of singular import. Will your group of freedom fighters be able to succeed in this mission and secure the aid of this powerful faction -- or is Onnwal destined to be crushed beneath the yoke of the Scarlet Brotherhood? A World of Greyhawk adventure for character levels 5-7.

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Start Date & Time Friday at 8:00 PM (local to convention)
Duration 3 hours
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