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Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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Hilton Garden Inn Madison Sun Prairie

1220 S Grand Ave, Sun Prairie, WI 53590, USA

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This is a nice, new hotel right on the edge of Sun Prairie and the east side of Madison, WI.

Discount room block for VENGER CON III link here:

Want a return to the glory days of roleplaying games? None of the modern hassle but all the innovation? Welcome to the one and only (that I'm aware of) anti-woke roleplaying game convention!

The 3rd and hopefully not last VENGER CON (a local convention like this needs your support)... focuses exclusively on old-school, OSR, and traditional roleplaying games.

Hey, what's going on? This is Venger Satanis, the High Priest of Kort'thalis Publishing: Venger's old school gaming blog

I've been playing, running, and designing RPGs since I was 8 years old, back around 1982. Over the last decade, I've written and self-published such works as Liberation of the Demon Slayer, The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence, How To Game Master Like a Fucking Boss, Advanced Game Mastering Like A Fucking Boss, Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss, Crimson Escalation, Crimson Dragon Slayer D20, the Cha'alt trilogy, Alpha Blue, The Outer Presence, and many others.

VENGER CON is just about gaming. We'll be hanging out, gaming, eating, drinking, talking about gaming, and more gaming the entire weekend! It'll be the experience of a lifetime.

No "safety tools" (but I do have Cha'alt X-Cards ready to go - just the thing to include more sleaze, gonzo, eldritch, grindhouse-exploitation in your game), no dealer's room (although, attendees are more than welcome to show off, give away, or even sell their wares), no card, board, or computer games, no cosplay contest (however, I'll be dressed as a demon-clown all Saturday), no vax or mask demands, and no politics.

Guest of Honor this year is Scott from Diversity & Dragons youtube channel and podcast: Diversity & Dragons

VENGER CON III is limited to 100 attendees with ample space - no crowds and no noisy rooms that distract from gaming!

Three time-slots Friday and Saturday (morning, afternoon, and evening) and two on Sunday (morning and afternoon). If you want to run a game, let me know by May 1st. No refunds after January 1st (but if you can't make it, just roll your badge over to next year).

New venue... if you've attended the last couple VENGER CONs, this newer, nicer hotel is just a 6 or 7 minute drive further east. It's right on the border between Sun Prairie, and Madison, WI. Lots of food options within walking distance, including right downstairs at Johnny's Steakhouse.

Thanks for checking our page out, hope I'll see you in July!





Friday Morning [10am - 2pm]

Event: Descent into "The Pit" GMed by Jonathan W. Rules: Shadowdark Levels: Low (1-4) Experience Required: First time to Veteran What to bring: Dice

Details: When you hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go but up. You've made it to the ruined city with your last coin spent on travel during a torrential downpour. Your one contact with a man named Spider who gives you a mission that will finally give you breathing room to see tomorrow. His orders are simple: take The Bucket and descend into The Pit of the ruins below and find what he is seeking and deliver it to him safely. What could possibly go wrong?


"Touch My Zoth And Die!" - a brand-new Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer written and GMed by your convention organizer Venger Satanis.

Zero-level scrubs

Max players: 6

4 hours of chaos, carnage, and cunnilingus. Touch My Zoth And Die! will be an introductory adventure at 1st level with multiple characters... meatgrinder style. No experience necessary.

My gaming style is fiction-first, theater of the mind, rules-light, rule of cool, etc.

Friday Afternoon [2pm - 6pm]

Title: The Lost Tomb of And Al-Uzzah

Game system: Dark Dungeons (BECMI OSR)

Max players: 7

Mid-level; pre-gens provided

Description: As the most trusted agents of the Sultan of Ylaruam, you have been dispatched to the Valley of Death to solve an ancient riddle …


The Tharsis Investigation

Player skill: any Number of players: 3 - 6 Pregens provided Ruleset: Zozer Hostile (Cepheus engine /Traveller)

Vibe is like a mashup of Blade Runner, Aliens, and Apocalypse Now

Game Summary

You are part of a Corporate troubleshooter crew working for Tharsis. You have received word that the body of a US Army Major by the name of Toten was discovered stuffed into a freezer unit on a cargo ship docking at Gleise 674. The problem is that Major Toten was recently deployed to the war-torn jungle planet of Tau Ceti, light years away. Tharsis needs you to investigate, and they've sent a special advisor along to help handle "unforseen circumstances".

Friday Night [6pm - 10pm]

Lamentations of the Flame Princess "Strict Time Records my be Kept" by Kelvin Green.

GM: Lord Matteus

Pre-gens offered; no experience necessary


"Whoever it is has got to be more interesting than the zoth-slut I'm looking at right now!"

GM: Venger Satanis

This scenario will be an imperfect marriage between the vintage RPG Dallas and Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer.

Rule-set: Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer + Dallas: The Roleplaying Game

Max Players: 6


Experience: None required; 18+

Saturday Morning [10am - 2pm]

Event: The Stone Queen's Tomb GMed by Jonathan W.

Rules: Shadowdark

Levels: High (5-7)

Experience Required: Experienced Players Recommended

What to bring: Dice

Details: You've found the key at last to the tomb of Queen Shandalar, the elven wife to the Mad King Oerik. You have travailed the dangerous pitfalls under the earth, scoured for treasure, and finally located the resting place of his eternal beloved. Before you stands an unbelievable moment of stone architecture carved from smooth basalt rock seemingly impossibly built. A nearly invisible bridge standing between you and the hoard of riches and what remains of her eternal guardians you've heard rumors of. Time to strike it rich and retire wealthy!


"The Ashen Treasure Trove" GMed by Evan H.

System: Dragonslayer RPG (OSR)

3-8 players (pregens will be provided)

All ages and experience levels welcome

Your party's friend Blinum Brawnstone, the bug-eyed Dwarven prospector, has discovered a hidden brick wall on the side of a mountain during his last expedition for gold. Blinum suspects this wall may be a sealed treasure trove to the legendary Akrab the Ashen, a Dwarven bandit king that raised a liter of Hell Hounds and burned his victims alive as he plundered their caravans. Akrab the Ashen was slain 26 years ago, but none of his stolen treasure was ever recovered.

Saturday Afternoon [2pm - 6pm]

• Dungeon Crawl Classics

"Caves of the Mad Hermit"

GM: Roger Jones

Experience required: None. Characters and materials provided. All ages.

Each year, the Silver Lake Festival is held to celebrate a historic accord between the villages of Eastbank and Westbank. This year was not to be a joyous affair.

The eccentric hermit Bertram berated the people of this gathering for abandoning "the old ways." With the aid of a magic gem, he summoned winged horrors to carry off young brides, promising further harm before vanishing.

On the eve of the great tragedy, the elders asked for volunteers - brave souls who would put themselves at risk for the sake of all and be greatly rewarded should they succeed. You are those volunteers. May you win glory and gold, and not get dead.

This will be a FUNNEL adventure, using 0-level characters who hope to become more. Each player will have up to four characters.


"All Your Gods Are False. Here, Take These Guns"

GM: Venger Satanis

Rule-set: Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer


Max Players: 6; No Experience Required; 18+

Synopsis: The Prophecy of 1,000 Tentacles is at hand. Your adventuring party is charged with the sacred duty of stargate-sliding to new worlds, disillusioning them of their primitive beliefs, arming them, and (during the messy confusion and extreme violence) liberate those worlds of their most powerful artifacts and relics.

Saturday Night [6pm - 10pm]

"The Bargain" Dragonslayer RPG (OSR)

GM: Diversity & Dragons

2-5 players (pregens)

The Order of The Blessed Sun has taken the realm by storm in the last 5 years. Fraternal peace and contentment is promised to those who join. And many are joining, especially the young sons and daughters of the land. Parents have been doomed to watch their children don the blue and yellow robes and disappear to Sanghaven, center of the Order and its mysterious leader Malakai Thalazar.

Now Lord Hardstrom’s own daughter, Martina, has fallen under the sway of Thalazar. For the aging but headstrong Lord, this is unacceptable…

Sunday Morning [10am - 2pm]

• Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 (Cha'alt)

"Food Run"

GM: Roger Jones

Experience required: None

PCs generated at start. Materials provided. Adult themes, body horror and high cholesterol.

Out amongst desert wastes still soaked with the zoth-blood of eldritch horrors, a fabulous eatery and tourist trap has emerged. The cuisine is flavorful and the rival of any popular foodie destination you might find here or in neighboring galaxies. The entertainment and atmosphere is top notch as well.

What is the real secret that draws people to the Cosmic Feasteria? Might there be more going on and if so, can trade secrets be stolen to profit others? Inquiring restauranteurs wanna know!

Sunday Afternoon [2pm - 6pm]

"Blood Moon in Vanderheim" GMed by Evan H.

System: Mork Borg (OSR)

3-8 players (characters will be randomly generated during the first 15 minutes of the game)

All ages and experience levels welcome

Every 166 years the blood moon rises, causing the demon, Baalfazzar, to rise from his mountain and attack the viking village of Vanderheim. Unfortunately, the local priest has miscalculated the appearance of the next blood moon and almost all the men of the village are off on a raiding party. It is up to you to recover the legendary axe of Vander to ward off the demon for the night.


"Get Your Filthy Tentacles Off My Damn Dirty Space Slut!"

GM: Venger Satanis

Ruleset: Alpha Blue

Max Players: 6; no experience required; 18+

Character Generation at the session's start

Synopsis: There's a special girl in your life, and she's in danger. The rest of the scenario will be cobbled together through character concepts / background, player agency, random tables, improvised insanity, and dumb luck.