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Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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(608) 843-1028



Hilton Garden Inn Madison Sun Prairie

1220 S Grand Ave, Sun Prairie, WI 53590, USA

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(608) 856-4500

This is a nice, new hotel right on the edge of Sun Prairie and the east side of Madison, WI.

Discount room block for VENGER CON III link here:

I just found out that some gaming conventions in California have banned Lamentations of the Flame Princess! Wow, that's some bullshit. But never fear, VENGER CON welcomes LotFP in all its gory and gross glory. Shemha'amfora'ash!

Want a return to the glory days of roleplaying games? None of the modern hassle but all the innovation?

The 3rd and hopefully not last VENGER CON (a local convention like this needs your support)... focuses exclusively on old-school, OSR, and traditional roleplaying games.

Hey, what's going on? This is Venger Satanis, the High Priest of Kort'thalis Publishing: Venger's old school gaming blog

I've been playing, running, and designing RPGs since I was 8 years old, back around 1982. Over the last decade, I've written and self-published such works as Liberation of the Demon Slayer, The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence, How To Game Master Like a Fucking Boss, Advanced Game Mastering Like A Fucking Boss, Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss, Crimson Escalation, Crimson Dragon Slayer D20, the Cha'alt trilogy, Alpha Blue, The Outer Presence, and many others.

VENGER CON is just about gaming. We'll be hanging out, gaming, eating, drinking, talking about gaming, and more gaming the entire weekend! It'll be the experience of a lifetime.

No "safety tools" (but I do have Cha'alt X-Cards ready to go - just the thing to include more sleaze, gonzo, eldritch, grindhouse-exploitation in your game), no dealer's room (although, attendees are more than welcome to show off, give away, or even sell their wares), no card, board, or computer games, no cosplay contest (however, I'll be dressed as a demon-clown all Saturday), no vax or mask demands, and no politics.

Guest of Honor this year is Scott from Diversity & Dragons youtube channel and podcast: Diversity & Dragons

VENGER CON III is limited to 100 attendees with ample space - no crowds and no noisy rooms that distract from gaming!

Three time-slots Friday and Saturday (morning, afternoon, and evening) and two on Sunday (morning and afternoon). If you want to run a game, let me know by May 1st. No refunds after January 1st (but if you can't make it, just roll your badge over to next year).

New venue... if you've attended the last couple VENGER CONs, this newer, nicer hotel is just a 6 or 7 minute drive further east. It's right on the border between Sun Prairie, and Madison, WI. Lots of food options within walking distance, including right downstairs at Johnny's Steakhouse.

Thanks for checking our page out, hope I'll see you in July!