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Delta Hotels by Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley

245 Shawan Rd, Hunt Valley, MD 21031, USA

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(410) 785-7000

The Ninth Annual Unpub Convention

March 21-24, 2019, Unpub will be returning to the Delta Hotels Hunt Valley Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland for its ninth annual Unpub Convention!

Unpub is an certified non-profit organization dedicated to helping game designers, aspiring and established, get their next project(s) reviewed by playtesters to prepare for publication. We do so by holding events globally year round at conventions, game stores, universities, and more. All of this builds to our annual Unpub Convention which started in a church cultural hall in 2010, and has grown to require a large space, which the Delta Hunt Valley by Marriott Convention Center affords. Our annual convention hosts between 2,500 - 3,000 attendees.

The Delta Hotel offers the Unpub community a sweet package. Free parking, reasonably priced food, and affordable hotel rooms literally above the event hall. Open gaming will keep going and going!

After Unpub 8, we surveyed designers and playtesters and are please to share some improvements and additions for Unpub 9:

  • MORE FOOD - The cafe upstairs, which offers lite fare and coffee, will stay open until the bar opens. Hotel guests have a free shuttle to nearby food venues. For designers, we will be offering a box lunch and dinner delivery right to your table.

  • ADJUSTED BLOCK SCHEDULE - We had many great ideas for adjusting block times to make it less awkward for planning for meals and for recovery from late night fun. We have pushed the daytime block back two hours from a 10am start time to noon, and the evening block an hour from a 4pm start time to 5pm. We hope this adjustment proves to allow Designers to eat a meal at a more normal hour, or to sleep in a little more to prepare for a long day of playtesting. For the full event schedule, head on over to HERE.

  • WORKSHOPS - In addition to the panels this year, we are designing some hands on workshops suggested by designers and VIP playtesters. While we are in the planning process, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please email info@unpub.net, or message us on Twitter @TheUnpub or on Facebook

  • LATE NIGHT FUN - Due to popular demand, we will be bringing back Shark TankĀ® but are renaming it to Feedback Frenzy for, um, reasons. We also have a few other fun events or challenges in the works for Unpub After Dark!

  • DESIGNER TRIAGE - Located just outside the main hall, not down long hallways and in dark corners, will be a large break room for Designers complete with snacks, bits, and plenty of places to sit, rest, and recharge! We are removing Designer Corner from the hall to make room for games on the far wall. This way playtesters will be drawn to the far end of the hall when they see all of the goodies they could win for playtesting and submitting feedback. We also intend to stagger door openings to funnel traffic to different sections of main hall throughout the day.

Special Guest(s), TBA