Blood Red Skies Tournament

500 Point Lists - US Gathering of Eagles Format - Details at

 Check in: 2:00PM
 Round 1: 2:30PM - 3:45PM
 Round 2: 4:00PM - 5:15 PM
 Round 3: 5:40PM - 7:00 PM
 Awards: 7:30 PM

Tournament Format

Force Building

Pilot Skill Costs

Players must supply the following for their squadron:

Tournament Organizers will supply:

Trait, Ace, Theater & Doctrine Cards

Tournament will use the Open Play Action Deck optional rule from Airstrike. Players will choose one Doctrine card (without faction restrictions) and may pay for a single equipment card. Equipment cards can change between rounds based on the table assigned to the players, but must be picked before choosing attacker/defender roles. Theater cards will be dictated by the table/TOs.

Order of setup

Rule and Point Updates

Rules will be per the Airstrike rulebook. If there is a difference between the Boxed Set Basic/Expanded/Scenario rules and Airstrike, then the Airstrike version of the rule will take precedence. - Errata and FAQ of January 2022 / Master Aircraft List of 01 Dec 2022 Errata and FAQs can be downloaded in PDF format from

Table Styles

Table 1: Pacific theater

Table 2: European winter

Table 3: Battle of Britain

Table 4: Desert