TsunamiCon 2023

Prowlers & Paragons: Tornado Season [Guest GM James Fielder]

Come play the Super Fast, Super Easy, Super Fun Prowlers and Paragon. James "Pigeon" Fielder will introduce you to "Maxiumum RPMs." The safetown of Loup City, Nebraska, desperately needs guns,ammo, and fortification supplies to defend against the Lockjaw Cannibals, and The Five Ton Riders are hired to deliver the goods—smack in the middle of a string of 100-year summer storms! Characters and rides provided, rules taught. Presented by Mobius Worlds Publishing.

**This game is hosted by special guest GM James "Pigeon" Fielder!**

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In a war-torn land reduced to thugs, gangs, and pockets of sanity, heroes are measured by the strength of their fists and the steel of their rides. Ever thirsting for fuel, parts, and guns, Maximum RPMs puts you in the literal driver’s seat of heroes riding for a better world while fighting the villains driving to tear it all down. This is an action hero setting for Prowlers & Paragons where you are two heroes in one: the swaggering drifter and the muscle-packed vehicle!