TsunamiCon 2023

Prowlers & Paragons: A Murder in Mumbai [Guest GM J Fielder]

Come play the Super Fast, Super Easy, Super Fun Prowlers and Paragons. Set in "Her Majesty's Rakes and Scoundrels" Steampunk Alternate history setting, James "Pigeon" Fielder will take you to India. A prince of India is found murdered on the shores of Mahim Bay and his dagger stolen—a dagger that mystics say can slice through the cosmos itself. Can Her Majesty’s Rakes & Scoundrels find the dagger before the sinister Sarcophagus Dawn, all while riots threaten the streets of Mumbai? Characters provided, rules taught.

**This game is hosted by special guest GM James "Pigeon" Fielder!**

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Defending the realm are Her Majesty's Rakes and Scoundrels, a gallant band of daring adventurers wielding magick, muzzle, and sword against the ruinous and supernatural forces that threaten polite society. Forget what you've read about Victorian history: this is a world of daring intrigue where all are created equal, merit favors the strong of heart and not cowards of class, and Zulu prince and Gurkha warrior fight alongside Chinese captain, Scottish professor, and American gunslinger to defeat the ghastly evils that lurk below. Welcome to Prowlers & Paragons: Her Majesty's Rakes and Scoundrels.