Demon: the Fallen - Madison Under Siege

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Known to the world as “77 square miles surrounded by reality,” the city of Madison is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. The year is 2017 and the Avatar Storm has come and gone, opening the Abyss and allowing Demons to once again return to Earth. However the force that was foresaw by Lucifer long ago has surfaced and threatens to destroy all of creation.

You are part of a group of powerful Luciferans that have come to Madison in search of Lucifer himself, in order to obtain the guidance needed to fight the coming darkness. Wielding an powerful relic that will shine in the presence of Lucifer and with rumors of his sightings in Madison, you hope to convince Lucifer to once again lead you in the coming war. Will Lucifer finish what he started or will the Demons who returned to Earth need to find their own way through the darkness.

More setting details can be found here: Welcome to the age of stories! Guldan Age Stories -

Character information can be found here: Demon the Fallen - Characters - Guldan Age Stories

Location: Unless the gamemaster says otherwise, games will take place on the TryItCon Discord Server