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Carbondale, Illinois

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Walker's Bluff

14250 Meridian Rd, Carterville, IL 62918, USA

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(618) 956-9900


True Dungeon Celebration

April 21st and 22nd, 2017

Walker's Bluff Winery

Carbondale, IL

To see a listing of events, please click on "Attend" above, and then "Find Events".

Badge Cost: $20 for both days (or $10 if you live within the 618 area code)

Welcome to the True Dungeon Celebration Badge and Event Ticket system. This webpage will allow you to buy a badge and obtain event tickets for TDC -- an event celebrating 15 years of True Dungeon. The event's main feature is a full-length two hour True Dungeon adventure ("Beneath Castle Altus") which is a "best of" adventure comprise of fan-favorite rooms for TD's early days. There is also a new "30 players against one Mega-Monster" event called True Horde, and other fun stuff. Also, we have secured a nice facility (with a bar and food service) to host lots of fun open gaming. Please bring your favorite game and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

More event info:

Badge Registration: Opens at Noon CST on Thursday, Jan. 5th. Badge Registration closes at 6:00pm CST on April 2nd, 2017.

Event Tickets: These will go on sale at 6:00pm CST on Sunday, January 22nd. Event registration closes at 6:00pm CST April 2nd, 2017.

NOTE: Patron level supporters will have access to the event tickets at 6:00pm CST on Wednesday, January 18th.

A badge is required for all TDC attendees, and you must have purchased a badge to buy tickets. All players must have a valid badge on their person when their event starts.

Patron Badges and Event

Only Treasure Token supporters at the Patron level ($8k) may purchase a Patron badge and event ticket. To restrict said purchases to only those who qualify (and work with the computer system we have here), we are making the Patron Badges VERY expensive, but each Patron will have a unique coupon code (they can use once) to reduce the Patron badge cost to the normal badge price. Only Patrons can buy a Patron badge. These codes will be emailed to Patrons shortly, and they can be sold, traded or given to anyone the owners wishes. If you now become a Patron-level supporter, your code will be emailed within 24 hours.

For more info on the Patron program:

Event Ticket Limit of 12 for 2-Hour Adventure


Limits on tickets for Patrons and Attendees

Due to the projected demand for event tickets for the two-hour "Beneath Castle Altus" dungeon adventure we are limiting the number of event tickets anyone can buy to 12 "Beneath Castle Altus" tickets. We don't have a mechanism to prevent this, but we will be notified if this occurs. That player will then be contacted and asked to refund the number of "Beneath Castle Altus" tickets to get them back down to only 12 event tickets.

CLARIFICATION: This 12 ticket limit for "Beneath Castle Altus" is NOT restricted to one slot of tickets. Your 12 tickets could be spread out among 3-4 different times if you wish. Just make sure the total does not exceed 12 tickets for "Beneath Castle Altus". We also ask that Patron and other players don't grab an inordinate amount of tickets for other events. The success of this event (and the chance of another one in the future) depends on enough tickets available for the 100+ badges sold so far.

This is a great chance for True Dungeon to get some local exposure which will help recruit desperately needed local volunteers. Getting more local volunteers will be a huge boon to the quality of the TD event for all. Thank you for your understanding.

This 12 "Beneath Castle Altus" ticket limit MAY be lifted at a later date if event ticket sales allow it. We will announce this a few days in advance to give everyone a chance to jump on the website at that time.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and we apologize for not realizing sooner that these steps were needed. The number of badges sold has surprised us, and we were late on understanding how that could be an issue. Additionally, more steps are being taken to allow a better distribution of tickets. See below.

No Treasure For Ghost Players

Due to the scarcity of tickets, all tickets used for "Beneath Castle Altus" should have a real human player go along on the adventure. If you really want to run with a smaller number of players than 10, then ghost "players" will not receive any treasure coins at the end of the adventure.

Treasure Enhancing Tokens

Due to lack of set rules for their use (and gamers being mini-maxers like me), these tokens were somewhat abused at Gen Con. It is even more tempting at TDC due to the cheaper adventure ticket price. At TDC, all Treasure Enhancing tokens must be shown to the Coach for verification, carried throughout the adventure, and then presented inside the Epilogue Room to verify each player has these tokens with them.

TDC should be a really fun time - both for veteran players and for a great number of new players. Let's try to insure that enough event tickets will be around so more folks can discover the fun of True Dungeon.

We realize that some Patrons might be upset at these last minute changes, but we must ask everyone to understand we are doing this so ALL Patrons and general admission players will be able to get tickets. Without these rules in place, it is very possible that some Patrons would not get any tickets -- let alone general admission folks. Let's see how this goes, and if there are enough tickets to go around, we will lift the limit at a later date.

Jeff and Lori Martin



We currently have a block of rooms reserved at two hotels which are closest to the event:

Holiday Inn -- This hotel is located about 5 miles from the event location. We have secured a room rate of $119/night for the weekend of April 20-23, 2017. CLICK HERE to make an online reservation (Group Code "TDC" should automatically appear). Also, you may call the hotel directly at 618-549-2600 and ask for the True Dungeon Celebration rate.

Hampton Inn and Suites -- This hotel is located very near the Holiday Inn, and it is $124/night for the weekend. For the extra $5 you get a free breakfast. CLICK HERE to make an online reservation and use group code "TDC" to get the discounted rate of $124. You can also call the hotel at 618-549-6900.

A free shuttle will run between both hotels and the event location some 5 miles away. It will run at the top of the every hour from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

Questions? Please email

Volunteers Needed

We need a few veteran volunteers for TDC, so please volunteer if you are interested. We especially need DMs and Coaches. Hurry! Deadline to volunteer is Jan. 15th! Click on the link below.

2017 True Dungeon Celebration Volunteer Form