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Welcome Vendors and Exhibitors

TotalCon offers both a vendor hall and an exhibitor row. Please read the descriptions carefully before choosing a booth location. Applications will be reviewed before approved. It is the goal to offer a variety of vendors and exhibitors so not all applications will be approved.

Total Confusion's Vendor Hall has booth spaces for game stores, game companies, artists, and other businesses that want to sell products, connect with hundreds of gamers, and expand networks in the local gaming community while having some fun too!

The vendor hall is located at the beginning of the main hallway, close to all the gaming action. Security is on hand each day and the hall is locked each night. Prices include two weekend registrations per booth. Hours for the hall are sensible for the vendors, and allow for time for breakfast and evenings free to game or relax.

  1. Prices are:
  2. A booth: 3 six foot tables for $575
  3. B booth: 2 six foot table for $400
  4. C booth: 1 six foot table for $175
  5. Multiple booths cannot be purchased without prior approval by the vendor coordinator, and preference will be given to vendors that work within preset space. For full details please download the information packet.
  6. The price is per booth for all days the Vendor hall is open. NEW: Booth space will not be subdivided as in previous years and multiple booth spaces offered cannot be combined under one vendor without prior approval.

TotalCon invites Exhibitors to purchase exhibit space in the main hallway for game designers, local artists, self publishers, and local gaming groups to come in and showcase their products or services. This is a great way to connect with gamers, get your products seen by industry guests, podcasters, local stores and more. It is all about networking, getting feedback, and promotions, and a marketplace to sell self published product. No large stores or companies are permitted in the Exhibitor Row.

Tables are $125 for standard section, and $150 for a special Alcove space. Only one table is offered per exhibitor unless prior approval is given by the Exhibit Row Coordinator. If you are interested, please download the Exhibitor Packet

NOTE: Vendors setup starts on Thursday from Noon to 8:00 PM. Set up for Exhbitors and Vendors startes Friday from 8:00AM to Noon. Friday 12pm is the deadline for all Vendors and Exhbitors to be ready for Total Confusion and must be present for all three days.

Any Vendor or Exhibitor who fails to show by the deadline and who has not contacted Total Confusion for late start permission will be considered in default.

Please view "Agree to Terms" for Vendors or Exhibitors on the application and acknowledge you have read the policies.

Vendors may enter the Vendor hall up to one hour before the opening of the Vendor hall and depart up to one hour after the Vendor hall closes. Exhibitors have the same hours as Vendors. Hall hours are:

  1. Friday: Noon - 8:00 pm
  2. Saturday: 10:00 - 7:00 PM
  3. Sunday: 10:00 - 2:00 PM

Vendors can not dismantle their booths until the vendor hall closes on the final day and must remove all materials or be subject to fines. Vendors may stay after hours on the final day but security will not be provided. After 5pm on Sunday, (the official close of the convention) vendors may be charged a fee by the hotel.

Questions can be forwarded to Carl Grivakis at****

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