Frequently Asked Questions


1) How long does the early bird pricing last?

Early Bird pricing lasts through the end of Apr 6, 2018.

2) I am a 2018 supporter of the Oklahoma Board Game Community. Does my discount stack with the early bird discount?

Yes it does. Any discount codes can be used to reduce the cost of regular badges or early bird badges.

3) Can I purchase a badge for just one day?

No. All badges are for the both days of the convention. We have worked hard to make sure the badges represent the best possible value and cannot offer one-day badges at a lower price point.

4) What is the difference between the regular badge and the VIP badge?

The VIP badge comes with an exclusive, limited edition convention t-shirt. There will also be additional benefits, yet to be confirmed, including additional chances to win prizes.


1) Is the convention suitable for children?

The convention is suitable for all ages, subject to their maturity level. The extensive game library will not feature a huge selection of games specifically aimed at children and it will be up to the parent's discretion as to whether their children are sufficiently capable of enjoying the games and events available.

2) May I bring my own games?

Absolutely! Although there will be an extensive collection of games available to play from the convention library, you are completely welcome to bring any of your own favorite games to play.

3) Will there be vendors at the convention?

Yes, there will be quite a few vendors at the convention. We will make more announcements regarding vendors in the near future.

4) How does the game library work?

The game library will include over 500 board games, which will be available for you to borrow and play. You can check out as many games as you want, during the convention, as long as you check out one at a time.

5) Do you have a list of games in the game library?

The complete list of games available will continue to be modified right up until the date of the convention, as we try to make available the very latest 'hot' releases. We will publish the provisional game list a couple of months before the convention and try to keep it updated as changes are made. If anyone has any specific requests for games, please use any of the contact options to let us know your preferences.


1) Is there a special room rate for the convention?

Yes. The hotel has promised their best rate for convention attendees. Please let them know you are attending TokenCon when booking to get the discounted rate.

2) Is food and drink allowed in the venue?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the main game hall, but the hotel has an onsite restaurant and other drink options. There are many restaurants in close proximity to the hotel also.

Vendors & Sponsors

1) Who do I contact about a vendor booth?

Please contact to discuss vendor booths or other sponsorship options. Vendor booths will go on sale at in early April.

2) I am a game designer/publisher. How do I make sure my game is in your library?

We are always happy to add more games to the convention library and help promote new titles. You may send copies of your game to include in our library or to be used in our 'Play to Win' section or giveaways.