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The following “rules and regulations” are in addition to the conditions and costs set forth on the reverse side, constitutes an agreement with the Long Con to the following terms and conditions:

 1. The Long Con reserves the right to prohibit any Exhibitor, Exhibit or proposed Exhibit, which in our opinion is not suitable for our event. This express reservation concerns persons, items, printed matter, conduct, and all other things which affect the character of Red River RPG Con.
 2. The Long Con reserves the right to adjust or make changes in booth assignments, up to and including the date of move in, to ensure an even flow of traffic or to maintain the theme of the Long Con.
 3. No Exhibit shall be allowed to project into the aisle beyond the assigned space.
 4.  Non-Exhibitor solicitation is expressly prohibited; any paid Exhibitor observing such activity shall promptly report it to the management.
 5. Exhibits which include the operation of audio/visual or lighting equipment must be arranged so that the noise/light from said equipment will not annoy or disturb any contiguous or adjacent Exhibitors or attendees.
 6. No fund-raising activities will be allowed in the booths without express written consent of the Long Con. All persons or exhibitors claiming to represent a charity or to be fundraisers must provide supporting documentation from the charity.
 7.  All Exhibitors, their agents or employees shall be responsible for any injury or defacing to the ceiling, walls or floors of the building or the booths or equipment of other Exhibitors.
 8. In the event of fire, strikes, rioting, hurricanes, civil disorder, or other circumstances making it impossible to operate the event area to be determined within the discretion of the Long Con, this Agreement shall become null and void . A full refund of deposit will be made or at the option of the Exhibitor will be transferred towards the cost of future events.
 9.  The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Long Con and its subcontractors, agents, and employees by reason of any claim or liability imposed by law on account of property damage or bodily injuries, including death, resulting therefrom, sustained or alleged to be sustained by any person or persons, whether they be members of the public visiting the show, employees of the Long Con, or other Exhibitors occurring at or in connection with the presentation or presentations of the Long Con, resulting for the negligence of the Exhibitor, its agents, employees, or persons performing services for it, or resulting from any equipment, machinery or items displayed by the Exhibitor.
10.  Notwithstanding any remedies available to the Exhibitor at law, the Exhibitor expressly releases and waives any and all claims against the Long Con, its agents, volunteers, and employees, in consideration of the mutual agreement of the parties and the opportunity of Exhibitor to exhibit at the Long Con.
 11. This Agreement contains all of the agreements of the parties, and may only be amended in writing by separate document duly executed by both parties.
 12. This Agreement is entered into and performable in Longview, Texas. The appropriate courts of Longview, Texas shall have exclusive venue over any claims arising out of or related to enforcements or interpretation of this Agreement, or attendance at the Long Con.

You application is acceptance of these rules and regulations.

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