The BoLS Open

Age of Sigmar GT - Sat/Sun

This event is a 2-day 5 Round AoS tournament using swiss pairining. We will be using battleplans from the 2020 Generals Handbook. 3 Games will be played on day 1 and 2 games on day 2. Players will use 2000 point armies. This event is a mulligan in the Texas Masters series.

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Event Number 5
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Maximum Tickets 80
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Time Zone America/Chicago (UTC {{ '2020-06-13 13:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Chicago' }})
Start Date & Time Saturday (rescheduling) at 8:00 AM (local to convention)
Duration 11 hours
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Cost $55
Room Hill Country Ball Room
Space B
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“This night brothers, we bring war!” ~Vandus Hammerhand

Welcome Generals of the Mortal Realms! Come battle it out in an Age of Sigmar, 5 round, 2 day, AoS tournament. Bring your best 2000 point army and prepare to battle your way to ultimate glory. The event will use the current General's Handbook missions and rules. Malign Sorcery and Realm Artifacts are allowed. All battles will be fought in the realm of Ghyran, but standard terrain rules will be in effect.