The ACDC - January 2024

The ACDC - January 2024


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The next ACDC* will be 12-14 January 2024


Registration cost is $3.50 (our lowest ever), unless you're one of the early birds, or a Regimental Patron-level Patreon supporter


As always, we've our usual appearances from

  • Ardwulf's Lair
  • Ad Astra Games
  • Lock'n Load Publishing
  • Jim Werbaneth's history seminars
  • Cyrano's epic TTS games

and we're still adding some events as GM's get them submitted


*(ArmChair Dragoons/Digital Convention)


More info about digital conventions? Copied over from Armchair Dragoons Conventions

What is a “digital convention”?

It’s just like any other game convention, except in your pajamas!

Seriously, though, it’s an organized weekend of gaming and game events that takes place online, where GMs lead their game sessions through online gaming tools like Tabletop Simulator, Roll20, VASSAL, Discord, Tabletopia, Virtual Tabletop, and others. Players register for events just like any other convention, but rather than taking a seat at a specific table at the appointed time, they log into a virtual table with their GM at the appointed time.

The Armchair Dragoons use Discord as our central organizing hub. Think of this as our central lobby at the convention site, where everyone gathers, chats, hangs out, and finds their way to their game. From our central Discord hub, we have channels for each ‘room’ and ‘table’ where you can find your game events. GMs will normally use the voice channels in Discord to help guide the players to appropriate sessions in the digital game platform, and most GMs will use Discord vote throughout their game sessions. Please do not give out the link to the Discord server to anyone; participants registered for the convention will have the link sent to them.

Panels & talk shows will take place using YouTube, with unlisted links that are shared only with convention-goers. As with the Discord server, please do not share these links. After the convention is over, the links will be made public for others to watch the recordings, but only registered participants will have access to the live chat as the panels are ongoing.

During the convention, different impromptu activities will pop up in the Discord server, from polls, to chat sessions, to door-prize giveaways. These are unscheduled and unscripted, so stick around even when your games aren’t ongoing.