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The Battle Bunker

4000 S 26th St #100, Philadelphia, PA 19112, USA

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Mark your calendars... The Sussy Scuff is back! Hosted by both the Delaware Warmachine (Alternate Universes) and Northern Maryland Warmachine (Critical Hit Games) metas, this 4-round max 100pt Steamroller will be a 3-man team event. This event will be limited to 36 players (12 teams of 3). Doors open at 8:00AM, dice roll at 9:00AM.

Please register your team on LongShanks by 8am EST on 7 OCT 2023: Susquehanna Scuffle 2023

Lunch will be provided with a 30 minute break between rounds 2 and 3.

**Please let us know if you have any allergies or food restrictions.

Registration opens June 1st!

No badge needed or cost for family or friends coming to hang out.

This event will be a maximum of 4 rounds.

Team Pairing Rules

● Teams will be paired off against each other randomly in the first round and use the “Swiss Chess” system from the 2nd round onwards.

● A team will never be matched against the same team twice.

● The captains from each team will work together to determine the individual pairings of the players within their teams using the following method:

Each team will have 3 Streamroller sheets to represent the three players on the team. Each team (referred to as Team A and Team B) will meet at the set of three tables (Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3).

Team A will choose one of their players and place the sheet face down on Table 1. Team B will choose one of their players and place the sheet face down on Table 3.

Teams will exchange the remaining sheets for their players.

The sheets on Tables 1 and 3 are revealed.

Team A will choose one of Team B players remaining to face the team A player on Table 1 and place the sheet face down on table 1. Team B will chose one of Team A players to face the Team A player on Table 3 and place the sheet face down on table 3.

Remaining sheets will be placed face down on table 2.

All remaining sheets are revealed.

● All players across the entire tournament will play the same SR 2023 scenario for a given round. No scenario will be repeated.

● Table terrain will be set up following the requirements listed in Steamroller 2023.

Tournament Scoring

● The team that gains 2 or more victories from the 3 games in a round is declared the winner and receives one 1 tournament point. The losing team receives 0 points.

Each player that wins their game in a round is awarded a “Player Tournament Point”.

● The total “Player Tournament Points” a team has accumulated will be used as the 1st tie-breaker.

● Each team’s strength of schedule will be calculated and will be used as the 2nd tie- breaker.

● The number of control points each team earns across all 3 games for a round is also recorded and is used as the 3rd tiebreaker.

● The number of army points each team destroys across all 3 games for a round is also recorded and is used as the 4th tiebreaker.

● A team receiving a Bye will get 2 “Player Tournament Points”, and 3 Control Points and 30 APD for each player on the team.

● In the event of a team member dropping before the end of the tournament, the team may continue to play. However, the team will receive an auto-loss on the table they do not have a player present to play.

Team Composition

● Teams may field the same armies. However, teams are limited to only one duplicate leader per team.

The Sussy Shuffle

● Each team will have a once-a-day team Feat they may use before a round begins. A judge must be present at the table when a team Feats. After all sheets at the tables are revealed, a team may use the Sussy Shuffle Feat to move their players to a different table and opponent. After movement, the judge will write “Feat” at the top of each of the players’ Steamroller sheets on the team that Feated and initial.

● Team A can only use the Sussy Scuffle feat if Team B has not. Team A can never counter-feat Team B.

Best Painted Model Hobby Challenge

Bring your favorite painted model with you to enter into our Best Painted Model Competition! Models will be voted on throughout the day by players and store patrons. There will be a special prize for first place! Voting will take place during rounds 2 and 3. Models submitted for entry must be from Warmachine.

We will have a separate voting category and prize for huge base (120mm) models.

Best Designed Table Hobby Challenge

Bring your own custom terrain or table to the Sussy Scuff and enter our "Top META Table Challenge!" Coordinate with your team and design a fun thematic table to be played at the tournament. Tables must be set up NLT 8:30 Saturday morning. We will have access to the venue the night before.

Any custom terrain rules need to be reviewed and approved by a TO prior to the Sussy Scuff.