Spawn of Cyclops Con

The Portal Under the Stars

Once every 50 years a Portal opens in the old stone mounds. Where does it lead? To fame and glory? To riches? Or to untimely death? Would a band of villagers dare to enter the mysterious portal and test their luck in their first real dungeon crawl? 0-level funnel.

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Event Number 265
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Maximum Tickets 5
Cost $3.00
Time Zone America/New_York (UTC {{ '2021-02-27 17:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})
Where & When (local to convention) Saturday from {{ '2021-02-27 17:00:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }} to {{ '2021-02-27 19:59:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }}
General Admission in Online 26
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Platform: Fantasy Grounds Unity.
Only Demo is needed - you don't have to pay! Demo can be downloaded from Steam of from Fantasy Grounds website. You'll be able to connect by my GM username: MrDave

Voice chat: This Discord server

Characters can be generated prior to the game or you can use an existing character if you have one. I will also provide pregens. Feel free to ask me questions whether by email or in Discord. And please do contact me at least a day or two before the game - I'd like to know who my players are :)