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Scrum Con 2023


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Silver Spring, Maryland

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Silver Spring Civic Building

1 Veterans Pl, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2023-04-08 13:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

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  (240) 777-5350

A beautiful, modern events facility built in 2010 in the heart of downtown Silver Spring.

TRANSPORTATION: Free weekend parking at any of three multi-level parking garages within one block of the Civic Building. An easy 10 minute walk through lovely downtown Silver Spring from the metro station.

RESTAURANTS: More than 20 eateries (fast food to finer dining) and a Whole Foods within a block of the venue.

HOTELS: Four hotels within two blocks of Civic Building.

Loading dock for GMs with large games.

Handicap accessible.


Join the Second Saturday Scrum Club for a day of laid back gaming.

  • Gaming sessions for any taste! Play wargames (fantasy, sci-fi, and historical), role-playing games, or mix it up by trying both styles of game.

  • Play with the designers! We'll have a number of designers and writers running games at Scrum Con this year, including Joseph McGuire (This Is Not a Test, Reality's Edge), Chris Sellers (Raccoon Sky Pirates), John Sears (Star Schlock), Justin Sirois (Sickest Witch, SIS/TR), Jared Smith (Bayt al Azif), and many others.

  • No hassle flea market! Bring your gaming items ready to be re-homed for our flea market area. Drop it off and go play some games!

All of this for just $15!

  • Expanded venue! Roll dice in a modem civic building in the heart of Silver Spring, full of natural light and contemporary architecture.

  • Close to amenities! Over 20 restaurants and four hotels within a one block walk. Ample free parking, and a less than 10 minute walk from the Silver Spring metro station.

  • Want to add some sartorial splendor to your wardrobe? Order a t-shirt, and we'll have it ready for pick up at the show!

  • Feelin' like a V.I.P.? Get the new Scrum Con convention tee, your name in the printed program, and admission for $40! By Grabthar's Hammer, what a deal!

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We are considering possible submissions from GMs with convention experience who might be interested in running a role-playing game. Reach out to us at to see it we still have space available for potential RPG GMs (sorry, the wargame track is completely filled).

T-shirts Now Available

Several t-shirt styles now available in the Scrum Con merch store! Act quick, t-shirt pre-orders close March. 15.





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