Please be aware the GM Perks are being reviewed and may change. These are the perks as of 11/12/2024

GAMEMASTER (GM) DISCOUNT & REWARD PROGRAM SCARAB offers the following discounts and rewards for GMs that meet the following qualifications:

Tier I GM or Volunteer (minimum 35 hours required):

We are not offering this tier of volunteer for 2024.

Tier II GM or Volunteer (minimum 24 hours required):

Tier III GM or Volunteer (minimum 15-16 hours required):

A GM is required to run his or her game for a minimum number of players (to be determined by the program track coordinator and/or Convention Director) for a majority of his or her allotted time to be eligible for this discount. Conversely, no credit will be given to a GM if the game he or she is offering to run does not make. If a GM still desires his credit for running his session, he or she must report to the Convention Staff person who is coordinating that event. The Convention Staff person will then find an appropriate volunteer task which will substitute for the GM’s obligation to run his or her game. If no such volunteer task is available, the program track coordinator may require the GM to run or participate in another game at the Convention Staff person’s sole discretion.

SCARAB is not required to extend any benefits of the discount program if the GM or Volunteer fails to participate in the minimum hours necessary for their tier. SCARAB reserves the right to revoke any discount program benefit to any GM or Volunteer that had already been extended to said GM or Volunteer prior the failure of the GM or Volunteer to meet said minimum qualifications. SCARAB shall be allowed attorneys’ fees and costs if it is forced to seek repayment for any benefits that are extended but not earned.