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Harrisburg, PA


Harrisburg Mall

3501 Paxton St, Harrisburg, PA 17111, USA

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(717) 564-0980

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Calling all followers of the dice & meeple!

For three days a year, The Bodhana Group combines the love for tabletop with the love for our community by showcasing all of the benefit gaming can accomplish. Celebrating the games, the people, and the opportunities to learn how to bring your own character to life, play with us and game for good at Save Against Fear!

Save Against Fear provides a full-range gaming experience all weekend, complete with our customer service model that ensures you have the best Save possible:

Organized Play featuring Role Playing, Board, Card, Dice, and Minis

Open Game Library featuring 1000+ Games

Masters of the Game: Special Guest Designers and GMs

Independent Designers and Game Demonstrations

Professional Training Program

Panels and Workshops

Daily Raffle Prizes and Treasure Table

Vendors and Artists and Baked Goods! Oh my!