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Huntsville, Alabama

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Jaycee Community Building

Airport Road Southwest Airport Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801, USA

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(256) 883-3728


Welcome everyone.

We feel there is a need for a convention that focuses on Role Playing Games. RPGs are more popular than ever, and that popularity is still growing.

We are focused on gameplay. We will grow other things around it but RPG gameplay will always be the main focus of the convention. We will have vendors, guests, entertainment and food on the site. Craft beer will also available at the convention. We will be running Friday through Sunday with late hours.

We are a work in process. We will update you as things come about. Expect to hear announcements for badge price, events, schedule, vendors and more! We are in mega speed mode right now, so you can expect to hear news from us on a weekly basis.

We hope you are as excited about RPGCON as much as we are!