ReCon 2024 - A ReMarkable Tabletop Gaming Experience

List of Raffle Prizes at ReCon 2024

Lovelace and Babbage - with wooden operation discs (Upstart Boardgamer)

Growl (Upstart Boardgamer)

Pendragon Starter Set (Chaosium Inc.)

Portents of the Degloved Hand (Upstart Boardgamer)

Mythic Con 2024 Full Weekend Badges (Games for All Events)

Root: The RPG Core Rulebook (Magpie Games)

Druids (Rio Grande Games)

Trailblazer: The John Muir Trail (Upstart Boardgamer)

Epoch (Rio Grande Games)

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set (Chaosium Inc.)

Grand Prix (GMT Games)

Miscellaneous Paint Supplies (Game Envy)

The Silver River (Robert Burke Games)

Stroganov - Deluxe edition (Upstart Boardgamer)

Yucatan - Deluxe edition, all-in pledge (Upstart Boardgamer)

Hippocrates - Deluxe edition, with metal Drachma coins (Upstart Boardgamer)

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising - Elemenace Chest, all-in pledge (Upstart Boardgamer)

Merchants of the Dark Road - Deluxe edition, all-in pledge (Upstart Boardgamer)

D&D Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual - 5th edition

Blood on the Clocktower (The Pandemonium Institute)

Cinematic Adventures: Escape from New York, The Crow, Total Recall, Universal Soldier, Rambo (Evil Genius Games)

Paris - Deluxe edition, with metal coins (Upstart Boardgamer)

The Plum Island Horror (GMT Games)

MegaMooseCon 2024 Weekend Badges

Avatar Legends: The RPG Core Book and Starter Set (Magpie Games)

Elfenroads (Rio Grande Games)

On the Underground: London / Berlin - with promos (Upstart Boardgamer)

Minerva - Deluxe edition (Upstart Boardgamer)

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (Cephalofair Games)

Sweet Mess: Pastry Competition - Deluxe edition (Upstart Boardgamer)

Canvas Finishing Touches - Deluxe edition (Upstart Boardgamer)

Block and Key - Deluxe edition (Upstart Boardgamer)

Runequest Start Set (Chaosium Inc.)

Haven (Upstart Boardgamer)

Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection (Upstart Boardgamer)

Earth: Wooden Insert (Upstart Boardgamer)