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DoubleTree by Hilton Kitchener

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Ragnarok is back on! Aug 20-21 2022.

Ragnarok is a Waterloo Region gaming convention held in South Western Ontario. We’re excited to bring you nothing but the best weekend in gaming! Board games, RPG’s, Miniatures, Card games, Vendors, and so much more!

Please note that all prices are in US funds on Tabletop.events There is also a fee that will be applied on checkout by Tabletop.events (0.99 cents + 6%).

Prices at the door are in Canadian funds ($20 per day/ $35 for the weekend).

You do need to buy a Badge in order to 'buy' Tickets (for $0) to sign up for individual events.

NOTE: If an event says 5/5 tickets, it actually means there are 5 available tickets. If it says 2/5, it means that there are 2 tickets left out of 5 (kind of backwards I know!).

Our gaming time slots for the weekend are as follows:

Saturday 9-1

Saturday 1-5

Saturday 6-10

Sunday 9-1

Sunday 1-5

Health & Safety: We strongly encourage the use of masks during the events at Ragnarok XP. Our staff is fully vaccinated and will be masked throughout the event. Given the prevalence of Covid still in the populace, we would obviously prefer if you wear a mask for everyone's safety.