The 2020 West Coast Regional ICECOOL Championship

Hall Monitors try to catch other penguins for points, while they are flicked through doors, gaining fish (points). A race to catch each penguin or get through all the doors to finish the round. After each player has done this, the one with the most fish win. The winner of the tournament gets a cool trophy, a copy of the game, free badge for GenCon 2020, free crash space for 3 nights (w/up to 3 others) at GenCon, plus a seat at the final round of the U.S. National Championship at GenCon.

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Maximum Tickets 16
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Time Zone America/Los_Angeles (UTC {{ '2020-10-03 21:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Los_Angeles' }})
Start Date & Time RAGECON Saturday at 2:00 PM (local to convention)
Duration 3 hours
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A flicking game in which each round one of the players takes the role of the Hall Monitor - his aim will be to catch each other penguin and get points for that. The others will try to run through several doors, thus gaining fish (that give them points) on their way. When either the Hall Monitor has caught each other penguin once or any of the others has gone through all 3 doors that have fish on them, the round is over. After each player is the Hall Monitor once, whoever has the most points on their fish cards wins. The winner of this tournament will get a trophy, a copy of the game, a free badge for Gen Con 2020, free crash space for 3 nights (with up to 3 other winners) at Gen Con 2020, plus a seat at the final round of the U.S. National Championship at Gen Con 2020!